Whelp! Cops in Vancouver are Refusing Oversight (Shocking) and Politicians in Alberta Have Lost Their Got Damned Minds…But Hey It’s Only Friday…

“The Earth is Definitely Doomed…” Did anyone else feel a cold shiver run down their spine, when only a few months later Angel began with this scene?

I sometimes look at Joss Whedon as a good inspiration for a pillow you can beat the crap out of that will never fade or fall apart so you can keep kicking and punching his stupid white supremacist face over and over again. However, you gotta admit, something weird is happening or happened in Hollywood town.

“I must be in Hell,” “No, LA, but a lot of people make that mistake,” Lorne says, played by Andy Hallet.

Andy died in 2009, and I wonder often how he and Lorne would feel about the legacy of Buffy and Angel today, in today’s political climate with these two particular shows metaphors for everything that we’re now seeing.

However, since we can’t choose violence? let’s talk about the politicians being elected around the country right now.

British Columbia would like the country to sit back and watch as it makes the worst mistakes possible. In White Rock, we have promised housing developments that are suddenly no longer welcome in a community that the volunteers OF that housing development helped to build.

In Surrey, we have a mayor whose negligent, ignorant, and may go to jail whose defending himself against a mischief charge, while running for mayor, Vancouver is about to have a bunch of obviously corrupt officials in office in their main tower, and oh Kelowna is a fucking mess.

Then we have Alberta who would like BC to hold all the fucking beers, as they elect someone who says shit like this:

“It is time for Alberta to take its place as a senior partner in building a strong and unified Canada,” she said to loud cheers. 

“No longer will Alberta ask permission from Ottawa to be prosperous and free. We will not have our voices silenced or censored. We will not be told what we must put in our bodies in order that we may work or travel.” 

“We will not have our resources landlocked or our energy phased out of existence by virtue-signaling prime ministers. Albertans, not Ottawa, will chart our own destiny on our terms, and will work with our fellow Canadians to build the most free and prosperous country on earth.”

Danielle Smith, new UCP Leader of Alberta, Via CBC News

Life as we know it is about to change yet again for Albertans and again for British Columbians who by the way is still far behind Ottawa once had a mayor with an open, public, crack addiction while in office.

Yeah, Canada, is a nice country.

I have just one question for any moron that says that, are you people drunk? Because I’m high as fuck right now and I can’t make any of this shit make sense.

I know and have long since accepted that most. of the shit that I was taught ins school in Alberta was in fact bullshit, I get that, what I don’t get is how many of the people that I went to school with, in the same generation if not. in the same classroom, hold these backwater views. Like, did we even know each other?

How are our views so fucking fantastically different? How can you want your kid to be safe, loved, protected, and cared for without giving a flying fuck about my gay transgender kid who just came out of the closet last night?

Today I got to speak to my friend Egberto Willies and we didn’t once talk about what side we were on, we’re both progressives who want to see all parties come together and all votes count for all the votes, instead of just some of the votes counting for some of the votes.

I know that we all have to follow our heart, and I also know I mostly don’t have one, but I’m curious if I’m so callous and cruel, then how come I have more consideration for your kid than you do for my neighbors?

I was raised – in Alberta – to believe in a kind and merciful God, and my God loves everyone, maybe not equally because some of you are dumb as shit, but seriously, God loves you, so why are you filled with so much fear and hatred? I sort of feel like if you were really terrified of God, then you’d behave better, you’d vote better, you know?

But I’m thinking maybe you think the other guy will save you, I hate to be the one to tell you, we had a talk, but she won’t. You’re on your own if you’re going to keep voting for people who literally, and seriously, do not give a fuck about you.

First, it was Ralph Klien, and then and then and then Jason Kenny, and now this one, and I have to ask you has life ever gotten better under these corrupt human failures?

In the world of politics it is always best to remain hated, because that’s how you stay in the press, and that means that as long as you’re willing to be the dancing monkey, everyone around you will get away with literal murder, to keep you in power.

Now that’s certainly a choice you can make if you want, but if all you want to have in the office is dancing monkies then please pay me, I’ll happily sell my soul to ACTUAL make what I promise come true, instead of swearing to build a moat down a major fucking highway.

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