Art Imitating Life Imitating Art

That is what is happening right now. I am looking at the world through my computer screen and television and everything is so fucking surreal. Back in 2003 a disorganized group of human beings around the world started referring to themselves as Anonymous, they donned masks and they marched in the streets across the globe, … Continue reading Art Imitating Life Imitating Art

Siddha Lee Saint James: Letter To The Elders

If someone asked me how I would describe Surrey, British Columbia, fifteen years ago I would have said it was absolutely full of color. There were murals on every spare brick wall, it was without a doubt the city of lights because of the way the street lamps would bounce off the painted walls and … Continue reading Siddha Lee Saint James: Letter To The Elders

Siddha and Alex: Hawaii

They stood on the edge of a cliff, gazing out at the stunning Hawaiian vistas. "Are you sure you wouldn't rather go surfing?" Alexander asked quietly as he gazed at the caramel colored Creole girl standing next to him. She wore white shorts that deliberately covered her ass and ended at the knee in a … Continue reading Siddha and Alex: Hawaii

Another Murder in Surrey, BC.

She was just another girl, another Brown girl like any other. Tossed in a ditch and left to rot, what was left of her was found by Siddha Lee Saint James on a walk through the woods. She had planned the entire day, errands done in the morning, she would spend the lovely July afternoon … Continue reading Another Murder in Surrey, BC.

The Myth of Pandora

From her is the race of women and female kind: of her is the deadly race and tribe of women who live amongst mortal men to their great trouble, no helpmates in hateful poverty, but only in wealth. He reaches deadly old age without anyone to tend his years, and though he at least has … Continue reading The Myth of Pandora