Category: Meditation Writings

Stay Safe

It was something we started saying at the beginning of the pandemic. “Stay Safe” became the new “have a good day”. It was heart breaking and scary to hear. But things are not so scary now. Yes, hundreds of thousands of people are dying around the world thanks […]

Release The Banshee

About three weeks ago I was completely asleep when I heard a small tiny sound. I woke up, screamed as loud as I could and realized the thing that had scared me was a pair of freshly born kittens who were running around my bedroom. But God damn […]

The Story of Pele

This is a story I wrote when I was about seven years old if I remember the details correctly this is going to be amazing, if not it’s going to be stoner gibberish. In 1983, when the island of Pele erupted for what would appear to be the […]

Canadian Women in Cannibus

I have this vision of the Black women in the cotton fields, working their fingers to the bone while their White captors sit on the porch watching them while they drink sweet tea. I keep hearing them say, “one day our daughters will sit on the porch while […]