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Happy Birthday

On March 19th 1994, Her Royal Highness Lady Avalyne Elizabeth Badis Cavanaugh welcomed her first grandchild Ava Marie Monroe Cavanaugh the First. Lady of Vancouver, British Columbia Guarde Madre of Surrey, British Columbia. For her tenth birthday Ava was awarded a trip to Nigeria where she toured the […]

Siddha, Surrey

Siddha Lee Saint James was curled up on an antique settee made of dark maple wood and the softest deep shade of purple she could find. It sat in front of a giant picture window that gazed out lovingly over King George Highway and 108th avenue. The apartment […]

Siddha and Alex: Hawaii

They stood on the edge of a cliff, gazing out at the stunning Hawaiian vistas. “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather go surfing?” Alexander asked quietly as he gazed at the caramel colored Creole girl standing next to him. She wore white shorts that deliberately covered her ass […]