Tag: Abuse

It’s Not Over…

The healing process after sexual abuse is never ending. I always think there is going to be a special day when the memories stop affecting me, but that’s just not the reality. The trauma that affects my mental health can be debilitating. If I am being completely honest, […]

Who Are You Trying To Be?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? It’s something that I am starting to ask myself. Beyond drowning my lungs in coffee and cigarettes, I don’t really know how to heal from sexual abuse. I am learning that talking it out here on the blog sure, that helps, […]

Why Are You Pretending?

I’ve never understood the need to become an Actor, and it is genuinely a need. I know this because I went to Fine Art’s School and I met plenty of “Actors”, they -need- to be on stage. They need the roar of a crowd and the adventure that […]