You Asked For This…That’s Why You "Why Me?" This is how Ice Cube starts this song, and every time I hear that line, I laugh, because the first response that comes to my mind is "because you asked for this." When you work towards a goal, and then something bad happens, like a person getting murdered or dying, we often … Continue reading You Asked For This…That’s Why You

Connection, Collaboration, Motivation

I have been thinking about what I want this year to be about. These are the three words that I've chosen. I want to connect with others, collaborate with them, and motivate others to see that the darkness that we're struggling with, isn't as heavy as it feels. There have been so many days in … Continue reading Connection, Collaboration, Motivation

Pathfinder Youth Center Society

My name is Devon J Hall and I used to attend a program at PYCS. I wanted to write about them because Pappa Orville called me today to check in and reminded me of a lot of stuff I had forgotten. Orville is Orville Lee from the Saskatchewan Rough Riders, but I didn't know that … Continue reading Pathfinder Youth Center Society

Happy New Year Friends!!!

Happy New Year Darlings! Oh my God. Seven Years in just a few weeks. That's auspicious timing, and I am very excited about this year. I want to apologize for not writing through Christmas, but I wanted a break, and I wanted to start the new year fresh. I know nothing's changed about the site … Continue reading Happy New Year Friends!!!

So Now I Write About Sex, That’s A Thing I Do.

It's Demeter Delune's fault, she's the kind of woman that I want to be when I grow up. Honest, a pure, free, truth-telling badass who doesn't give a fuck that people shame her for being white, big, and sexy all at the same time. How dare she? The Bitch. I wanna be just like her … Continue reading So Now I Write About Sex, That’s A Thing I Do.