The Story of Pele

This is a story I wrote when I was about seven years old if I remember the details correctly this is going to be amazing, if not it's going to be stoner gibberish. In 1983, when the island of Pele erupted for what would appear to be the last time, the ashes were scattered so … Continue reading The Story of Pele

Siddha Speaks Out

The following post is dedicated to my spirit Guardian's. You know the little voice in your head and heart that tell you what to do when you are feeling broken and insecure? I call mine Siddha Lee Saint James. These are her words, not mine. -Devon J Hall, Librarian   In front of where I … Continue reading Siddha Speaks Out

I Don’t Want To Run Away…

I don't want to run from my problems. I never really did, I didn't quite have a choice, I just kind of got used to pretending that bad shit wasn't happening because it was easier. I am so different from that girl who would "forget" she'd just been raped. I remember promising to leave a … Continue reading I Don’t Want To Run Away…

Fighting My Addictions

Hello my name is Siddha Lee Saint James, and I am an addict. I am addicted to emotional pain and trauma, I am a masochist.  The girl who was once the perpetual victim, and I have just returned home after a twenty six year stint as a Vampire Hunter. I have scars all over my … Continue reading Fighting My Addictions

Siddha Lee Saint James: Letter To The Elders

If someone asked me how I would describe Surrey, British Columbia, fifteen years ago I would have said it was absolutely full of color. There were murals on every spare brick wall, it was without a doubt the city of lights because of the way the street lamps would bounce off the painted walls and … Continue reading Siddha Lee Saint James: Letter To The Elders