Dear Monday

I've been stuck watching The Royals, with little more to do than watch television and write. And I've been thinking about relationships. We do so much harm to each other, in an effort to pursue what we think will make us happy. As human beings, we struggle so much with emotions, and we don't talk … Continue reading Dear Monday

You Asked For This…That’s Why You "Why Me?" This is how Ice Cube starts this song, and every time I hear that line, I laugh, because the first response that comes to my mind is "because you asked for this." When you work towards a goal, and then something bad happens, like a person getting murdered or dying, we often … Continue reading You Asked For This…That’s Why You

What Does “Systemic Racism” Mean?

"Blame the Patriarchy," is a phrase that white, right-wing folks use, to make fun of us who are telling you that yes, we are in fact, blaming the patriarchy. For four hundred years, white men - in particular - have had control of this planet, and they are fighting for it with everything they have. … Continue reading What Does “Systemic Racism” Mean?

Stuck Between Covid and Anemia: The #DisabilityTwitter Folks Should Understand This Well

I don't talk about Anemia very often, and I don't discuss the fact that I've had covid, because it was my fault I caught it. I wasn't wearing a mask, mostly and actually entirely, because I couldn't afford to buy them, so I didn't have any for a while, and I caught the Covid. Here's … Continue reading Stuck Between Covid and Anemia: The #DisabilityTwitter Folks Should Understand This Well

Pathfinder Youth Center Society

My name is Devon J Hall and I used to attend a program at PYCS. I wanted to write about them because Pappa Orville called me today to check in and reminded me of a lot of stuff I had forgotten. Orville is Orville Lee from the Saskatchewan Rough Riders, but I didn't know that … Continue reading Pathfinder Youth Center Society