On June 10th 2018 Devon J Hall was arrested for having a panic attack on a West Jet Airplane. While that was most definitely the catalyst to what would become Loud Mouth Brown Girl, it certainly is not the beginning, nor the end of this tale.

In the last two months of 2018, it was discovered that the marijuana that Devon was being supplied by a local dispensary was also being dosed with Crystal Meth. Thanks to some fast thinking friends and a strange majickal evening of intervention with friends and family, all of Devon’s secrets came out.

Including a story about a group of young men who called themselves “The Adrenaline Mob”.

The story goes that when Devon was 15, they broke into her house and began the process of grooming and training her to become, “the perfect sex slave“, in doing so using several young boys ages 11-15, to rape, molest, and abuse Devon while her family slept completely unaware in the next rooms.

While Devon has refused to press charges, she has willingly named the boys involved in various sections of this site (those pages have since been removed), and the boys in question, became men who admitted to not only being a part of the Adrenaline Mob, but equally being targeted as victims of this terribly abusive ring of pedophiles, located in North Delta British Columbia.

It occurred to Devon, and to the “Krisya Family,” that by telling these stories, perhaps we could create a world in our communities were men and women of color were no longer afraid to share stories about their experience.

The stories they told detailed child abuse, child pornography, brain washing, and cult like ritual sex that for many of them started well before natural puberty. It was a cycle the group who would come to call themselves Krisya Ohana, would repeat, and finally end, in the summer of 2015.

This website is dedicated to the Krisya Ohana who gathered three weeks before Christmas 2018, to remember, to reminisce, and to heal together. It is written in a “Majikal Realism” format, dedicated to their Roma ancestors, and to the secret language they created so that they would never forget what was done to them, and by them, to each other, and for each other…to survive.

What follows are real life stories of how we existed, and how we survived, the tools we created together as a family to keep us safe until the truth could come out.

In memory of the Original Krisya Ohana, we welcome you to

Loud Mouth Brown Girl

Dedicated to Brandon Fowler, Michael Ross, Lucas Gabriel, Adam Wilcox, Dougie “Do”, Bill Gaspari, Phil Terrace, and the other amazing wonderful men that helped bring 22 years of sexual abuse and brain washing to it’s final days. 

This website contains adult themes such as sexual abuse advocacy for men, women and children across all ages, colors, creeds, nationalities, sizes and orientations, and as such a trigger warning is in affect for the entire site.

It should be mentioned that those under the age of 18 should NOT read this website without an adult present.


The Krisya Ohana Tribe of Thirteen and Four