Devon J Hall is a 40-year-old Homeless, 2 time Self Published Author and Writer, living on the streets of Vancouver, British Columbia. By supporting this website, you help end the cycle of poverty that Devon lives with.

Devon J Hall, Foundress Loud Mouth Brown Girl Dot Com

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Every single day someone picks up an idea to become a Blogger. But some people were born to be Professional Writers and Content Creators. Everyone becomes what they are meant to become, but not everyone gets the chance to become what they want to.

This website is dedicated to the weird ones, the beautiful ones, and the ones who want to change the world but don’t know how. Hint one: Be Your Own Kind of Loud Mouth. Whatever it is, never stop being loud.

The moment that you stop being loud, is the moment you’re either ready to attack or give in. Never give in. Even when it looks like you might, that’s the moment you attack. The pristine, perfect, most right, most necessary moment is when you let them know exactly how much you have left.

Then you keep going.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall