Trigger Warning

This post may contain stories or triggers memories that may be difficult for you, the reader, to consume. I apologize for that, but this website is entirely about talking about the things that we do not talk about. If you or someone you know needs help, please use this page to find a helpline phone number in your area. If you can’t find it on this list, please use any search engine in the world. You are not alone.

Trigger Warning

Okay so because I have nothing better to do, I’m doing an ask me anything again, and this time, the questions are absolutely ridiculous. Nothing quite as silly as when I asked Kim Rhodes about the rumour about whether or not she’s missing a toe that was replaced by a finger – it was something a fan said and we needed to laugh – but but but, still, silly as hell, so here we go.

Dude, it’s 2022. Editing, of course. The pictures are always round, but a good editor knows how to fix that in Post Malone.

Here’s a cute story. I took my first picture at five or six years old with a 1980s Nikon, which is why it’s my favourite. A Woman in a park was taking pictures and she let me take a photo with her very expensive camera when I told her I was going to travel the world and take pictures one day. I got the picture, I got the shot…just once, It’s still one of my favourite hobbies, and sometimes I can even be found taking selfies, but only 1 time has anyone taken my photo in public without knowing me first. ❤ I know you’re out there, thank you for giving me my model moment.

Favourite film

The A-Team, followed by The Losers, Fast and Furious as a Franchise, and then probably It. Definitely It. You know why. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Least Favorite Tattoo

I don’t have one. I love all my tattoos, the artists were amazing, every single one of them made me feel safe, at ease, heard, and respected. It was the tattoo shop owners I had issues with.

In past posts you’ve talked about feeling like rape killed you and that you died, what’s that really feel like, dying?

Like you’ve left your body and you’re not alive anymore. It’s cold and ugly and scary and fascinating, there are good parts to death and bad parts, the worst part is coming back to reality realizing you haven’t died, or that if you have you’re back in the same place that felt like Hell, to begin with.

Favourite Actor

I have lots of actors I adore watching on screen but Tom Hardy does a Master class every time he gets on stage. It’s not his looks, it’s what he does with them, it’s the way that you can trace one movie or show to another so that every single story he does is like “hey what if this character had a past or future life?” and he’s just fun to watch.

Tiny fridge faeries. Little ones. That’s why your food is constantly going bad, you need to put a little bathroom in the fridge.

Did you also know that not cleaning your fridge is a sign of what hides in the shadows? Yes it’s a fridge and nothing can actually hide there, but what if it could? Not cleaning is a trauma response, and a sign to seek help, please do. I know this from personal experience. Thank you Sherrie for letting me have this space to share that.

Cause you’re supposed to brush one tooth at a time.

While I have this space, let me talk about the dental disparity. Did you know it will cost more than $200k for me to get my teeth fixed? Yup, that’s right. I’m a 2-time author and half my mouth has broken or bad teeth that come from being abused as a child by a dentist. Should have warned you but didn’t. Did you also know those bad teeth are a sign of sexual abuse? And that oftentimes it’s one of the first signs someone has been abused – if your child suddenly doesn’t want to brush their teeth, yes, you need to worry. It’s a sign, PAY ATTENTION TO IT. Thank you for asking this question and letting me have this space to say that.

This has been today’s edition of Stupid Question Day, thanks for joining us Couger.

Have a great day everyone,

Sending all our love,

Krisya Ohana

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