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So for a while now I’ve been talking about a new site that I’ve been working on, but this year has been absolutely insane. First of all, there was the book, Uncomfortable II: Fundamental Foundations for Mental Health Content Creators, and then came the crippling indecision about whether to release it, which led to not a complete rewrite, but enough edits that if I hadn’t released it, it would have never come to life.

The thing that Authors don’t tell you is that it’s really difficult to release a book into the world. Not because you’re not a good writer, or because others won’t agree, but because and only because, releasing something into the world that others will criticize is exhausting. The fear and anxiety that comes with being me, (as you can all imagine being who you are,) is really scary to deal with.

So basically this year was filled with a lot of mental health issues that I hadn’t dealt with, and a lot of not real help from people who really don’t understand me.

Six Oh Four North is my answer to that. I am really tired of using this blog to explain the pain away, to make excuses for why I am the way I am, or others are the way they are. I want to talk about things other than trauma, specifically healing, and being yourself while you do so.

So recently some of the stuff has been about anti-gang ideology, other stuff here has been more political, but the one thing that I’m itching to talk about is Six Oh Four North, because it’s 100% cannabis related, and because it is, Canadian Law states that I MUST put it behind a paywall. So I kind of didn’t really put a lot of effort into this private project, thinking that I’d do it when I can afford to.

And to be honest, Leafly has more patient-sourced information than I could come up with in ten lifetimes on my own…but what Leafly doesn’t have is a single person writing every post about cannabis from both personal experience AND scientific research and study.

One of the things I struggle with most is my inability to make decisions, as well as celebrating the hard work that I’ve been putting into myself so that I can help others. I’m really proud to say that it’s finally time to shed my old layers so to speak and move forward with Loud Mouth Brown Girl AND Six Oh Four North.

Let Change Bring Healing

So on September 15th, 2022, I will finally be releasing 604North, which will be the first Black, Creole Woman Run Website in Canada, that is entirely about Cannabis and Mental Health.

Yes, I am already Surrey, British Columbia’s First Ever (Let alone Black) THC Certified Cannabis Healer, but I also want to be the first Black woman to use my personal experience and former fears and stigmas about cannabis.

Lots of Black women around the globe – lots of women of colour for that matter, use cannabis in secret, and in past arenas where I thought Black women and women of colour would be safe, it turned out to not be the case. I want to build an entire community around Black women, women of colour, and white women, using Cannabis openly, freely, and without shame.

I think that we’ve locked each other into too many boxes, and too many times we’ve thought we would be safe in these “secret exclusive clubs,” and that’s never ever the case. Wherever something is kept a secret, people get hurt, abused, traumatized, and desensitized to the idea of empathy and kindness.

Six Oh Four North is going to invite people from all over the world, to hear and see what it looks like when you seemingly have everything together from the outside, but are a complete mess on the inside, while still having hope and faith that things are going to turn out okay.

I can’t promise that Cannabis is going to solve every problem, but I know that I function 420% better on cannabis than without it, and because of that I think it’s important for me to share that valuable information with the world.

If you’d like to help with the promotion and launch of the website, you can donate here, if you are unable to do so, please use this fancy pretty avatar to share the world and let everyone know that Six oh Four North, #604North is coming!

#StealThisImage and remind everyone to join us on 604North September 15th, 2022

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

If you have thoughts you’d like to add about this post, please leave a message, and let’s talk about them in the comments below

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