Put aside her record. Ignore the fuck out of it for just one moment, because there are little girls all over the world who don’t know about her record, who are seeing someone like themselves, who look like them, rising to the top.

The Glass Ceiling is officially cracked. It’s not shattered, it’s not broken, it’s not destroyed, but it’s cracking, and I genuinely believe that this cracking started with Hillary.

Not even a seat at the table, women have been fighting to be allowed into the fucking building.

Alice Sanger: Exactly 130 years ago today, Alice Sanger became the first woman to serve on a president’s staff. True, women had worked in the White House almost since the moment John and Abigail Adams moved into the place in 1800 but before Alice Sanger, women worked as culinary and cleaning staff.

Alice Sanger was the first woman to have a seat at the fucking table.

A White woman. Today, for the first time ever, a descendant of Immigrants, a daughter of Jamaica and India, is running for Vice President of the United States Of America.

That is fucking huge. And yes, race is going to play a huge important part in this election. Donald Trump is a supporter of the KKK, he has in the past defended the Nazi’s who attacked Charlottesville as “very fine people.” He has defended pedophiles, rapists and racists. He has advocated for grabbing women by the pussies.


I needed that to be in capital letters, it’s important that you remember the terrible awful things that have befallen the United States Of America, since he took office.

Joe Biden has been in the White House, he worked incredibly closely with President Barack Obama for eight years, he knows what the job is going to take. He understands that the job is going to take every single molecule of your body and shift it into something else, that ensures you can protect the lives of millions of people.

Choosing Kamala Harris is putting Trump and Pence on notice, it’s telling them that he doesn’t see race as a deterrent to being able to lead the American people. He is telling you, me and all of us that Immigrants have a place in America.

Joe Biden is telling us that Women, have a place in America, in American history and that matters.

It matters because millions of little girls around the world, are looking at Kamala Harris as a hero right now, they are seeing that they too could have a place in America, in the world, on the world stage.

They are learning from women like Cardi B, that they do not have to be ashamed or afraid of their sexuality, they are learning that women of color, girls of color, have value, and if you don’t think that matters, then you aren’t on the same side of the street I am on.

It’s not a matter of perspective anymore. I understand that Kamala Harris has been more than tough on crime, I understand that she has fought side by side with the police against people of color, and I don’t expect that this is going to change any time soon.

I do think that she understands Police are going too far, and I do believe that she and Joe Biden will ensure that the chaos that has taken over the United States of America calms to a gentle wave instead of the monumental roar that it has become.

A Change is coming to the United States of America, and as a result the entire world. One way or another come November, we are going to know which side of the war America falls on.

You can choose to vote for Kanye, whose proven time and time again that he is not emotionally or mentally stable enough to handle such a huge job.

You can vote for Trump, who has proven that he doesn’t care about immigrants, women, people of color, or anyone that doesn’t fit into his base.

Or you can vote the way that I think you should vote, and you can choose Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, who will, I believe, will step up and do right by the American people.

In case you missed it, this is an official Endorsement, from Loud Mouth Brown Girl, for what it matters.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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