Every writer has someone or something that inspires them. For me, it’s the faeries. From Kim Harrison’s book series, The Hallows comes a story of faeries, demons, vampires, witches, Gods, and Goddesses, all with their own intersectional problems and creative desires that fuel their need for power and freedom.

Even with all their strength and majick each of the characters has their own problems that involve working with other creatures from around the planet, that require very real and human solutions.

This book series inspired me to look at the creatures that inspire me in my own life, and while I pray to many different Gods and Goddesses from around the world, it is their Faerie-like counterparts that inspire me the most.

These pages are filled with the characters that have visited me over the years and inspired me to keep going. When I first started this website i wanted to interject a sense of majickal realism but I wasn’t sure how. It was the artist Rei that inspired me to start fulfilling the dream of describing the faeries by creating the very first image of one of the first fae to visit me.

In the following pages, you will find access to worlds you didn’t know existed, you’ll walk through the doors of the muses that inspire me, the Gods and Goddesses that they work with and the lessons they instill on the earth.

May they inspire you as much as they have inspired me. I will be adding more and more faeries as they make themselves apparent.

Each of the fae is very human-like in that they have different races, creeds, nationalities, sizes, orientations, and designs. Each fae is designed by myself or a different artist, but their story is all their own.

Enjoy learning about my majickally invisible friends, may they bring you as much weirdness in abundance and love as they have brought us.


Krisya Ohana