This submission comes to us from our friends over at WhatsMyPot.Com who with minute detail describe what is in different cultivars or strains of cannabis for their fans. This is the story that was whispered to me by Miss Asia the partner of our friend Leaf Debrief, about our newest Faerie, and I just knew the moment that I heard it that I had to share it.

She was a teacher, friend, lover, laughter, joy, and bringer of all things beautiful and bright.

Some call her Eri, others call her Siddha Lee Saint James, and others still call her Kitten, but her true name? Alas, that’s lost to time and space.

Eri Kyiar comes to us from outer space. The Red Planet known as Mars that can’t be seen properly from earth actually has two very distinct rings around it just like Pluto, but unlike Pluto, those rings hold a very specific purpose.

The only duty of these invisible rings is to block access to information getting out from the planet so that the humans don’t know what’s really happening, which is all well and good when you’re trying to protect your planet from a neighboring one filled with colonizers who do nothing really but eat up resources faster than they can be produced.

However, the problem is that those from Mars are just as bad, they’re either constantly at war or getting stoned and creating art, and often times the ones creating the art are the ones being attacked the most, so a few of them have escaped. One of those such people is Ms. Eri Kyiar.

She has dark black skin and a bald head, covered in scars from the number of times she’s had to defend her art against political armies who hate her beliefs, but here on Earth Eri has found a home with other artists from other worlds, we say she’s a faerie because her Mars blood makes it easier for her to fly and to turn invisible at will, but really it’s because Ms. Eri actually gives away all the artwork she creates.

She says it’s because she hopes to inspire,a nd art isn’t about money. How does she eat? She’s from Mars, you figure it out.

Thank you to my friends in the CAnnabis community for inspiring this faerie, and for Mike @WhatsMyPot on Twitter, for the image. She’s beautiful.

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