One of the things that I used to love doing as a child, was Faerie hunting. I didn’t call it that as a kid because other people would have thought I was weird, (that ship sailed the day I was born,) but I did call it “going for a walk.” Faerie hunting is something I encourage every adult to try at least once or twice a month because you never really know what you’ll discover on a faerie walk.

Nova Prime Supreme is one such Faerie that I found years and years ago, but I only named her very recently. She has bright purple cornrows and dark red wings with flowers in them. She almost always wears purple, because purple is the color of the Spirit Element, from which she gets her power.

There are hundreds of thousands of different kinds of Faeries in the world, so I couldn’t possibly name them all, but as more and more become apparent to me, I’ll share as many of their stories as I can here on the website.

Nova stands at five feet three and a half inches, she has dark brown skin and eyes, and she can almost always be seen smoking a joint. She swears up and down, to the Heavens and back, that smoking cannabis prevents her from murdering humans, and I wouldn’t doubt it one bit.

Her powers include telepathy, the ability to fly, and the ability to shift and speak through space and time at will. She is a dream catcher, and so it’s her job to take your bad dreams and send you good dreams. Not everyone is graced by her presence, but those that have been will always know because they will feel exceptionally light upon waking up.

Nova’s Story

On October 31st, 2022, Nova Prime Supreme will be 4,020 years old. Which is perfect when you consider her love of cannabis and all things Saint Mary Jane. Nova was born on a star twelve million lightyears from earth 616 and spent her younger years traveling from star to star learning as many different languages as possible.

When Nova was about sixteen hundred years old, she decided to settle on a planet near her Homestar and began seeding the planet with Starseed plants. When certain “superheroes” started messing with time, however, Nova and a whole bag of magical Starseeds were transported to our dimension through space and time.

It took nearly four hundred years to arrive on this planet, where Nova was introduced to different kinds of language, dance, art, majick, and cannabis seeds. Nova fought in many wars throughout her time, but as she’s aged and gotten wiser, Nova spends her time traveling from place to place planting Starseeds and helping new faeries find their way.

You can find her almost every October, if you know which forest to look in. Here’s a tip, look for the lizards, Nova loves lizards. No one really knows why, but her favorites are purple and green, so if you find one of those, you can be sure Nova is nearby.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall, Faerie Hunter

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