It’s spring and the Faeries, the Mermaids, and the Witchy Fantasy Folks are gathering to celebrate another year of survival.

I’ve come to see Pride celebrations as just that. Prayers to the Gods that we, those of us who believe in freedom, in truth, in justice, and in the power of the human spirit, get another year to gather and celebrate being alive.

More and more I think about the ones that didn’t make it as I attend the various celebrations around the province. More and more I start to see a dizzying number of faces that aren’t at these celebrations and it makes me really sad. So I started thinking about what I could do to combat the hate and I’ve come up with a collection of Faries that are helping me change the world.

You can learn more about the others here, but today I am introducing:

Ava Maria

Ava is a college student dropout who fixes cars, smokes weed and helps her friends by being there for them when they need Ava. Ava helps paint the city of Vancouver as a street artist like many of the people they know and focuses their energies on beautifying ugly spaces.

Ava’s special Faerie gift is that they can dream walk, now while Ava may have a “girl’s name,” and they may look like a girl with their long hair, Ava prefers to be considered nonbinary because they feel safest presenting themselves as non-binary to the world. Ava is heavily involved in letter writing and you may have received a letter from her in the past, if not you will in the future…if you can catch her at one of the many events around the city.

If you’d like to support Ava by helping to buy art supplies you can check out her first collection of clothing and accessory items down below.

All items are available here and go towards supporting this blog. Happy to have you be a part of the LMBG team Ava. Now…go create something beautiful.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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