Happy New Year Darlings! Oh my God. Seven Years in just a few weeks. That’s auspicious timing, and I am very excited about this year. I want to apologize for not writing through Christmas, but I wanted a break, and I wanted to start the new year fresh. I know nothing’s changed about the site in a few weeks and I think I’ll leave it for a while, but I am very excited about this year.

Because THIS year, I’ll turn 40 years old! Holy shit can you believe it? Forty. I’ve made it to almost forty without dying, forever, so I mean I feel like this is quite the accomplishment that I am coming up to.

Savannah Worley wrote a piece called Reclaiming My Name, and that piece was so beautiful, it inspired me to really think about what it is that I’m doing with this blog.

When I got called a Loud Mouth Brown Bitch, by a white cop who was kicking and hurting me, I didn’t think I could make anything of it, but I knew I wanted to. I knew that was my breaking point, and it turned into something truly beautiful. I did that.

I took an ugly and uncomfortable moment and turned it into something beautiful you all helped me and I am just grateful this year. I am just fully 100% on board with the idea that I know where I’m going this year when I haven’t in other years.

I am proud of myself. And I know that we’re not supposed to be prideful, but I’ve worked really hard the last five years on building this brand and this coming into seven years just feels like the right way to go and to keep going with.

Today I am going to watch the football game with my mom’s best homemade dip, and I am going to enjoy the hell out of the day while I clean the rest of the crap I no longer need out of my life, and spend some much needed time with family and friends.

This year I am coming into the world strong, powerful, and unafraid, even though I think some bad stuff might happen, I know I can deal with it because I’m very rarely alone.

So just one more time, I want to say thank you to all the folks who have supported my writing, and loved me, I cherish our time together and I am so grateful for your support.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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