Here’s what it said:

Dear 2022,

This year I got myself and my life together, I worked hard and survived through 2021. And this year I learned to thrive.

I started making designs that people bought and I saved enough to sell through my website. (This did not happen.) I focused on building the brand and creative content that helped others as well as myself. (This did happen.)

This year I built and sold my first workshop (nope), I taught other bloggers how to use their pain as a tool to build the staircase to their dreams (close, I’m working on it). I served my community as best. was able and myself in equal measure, (no). I am still challenged and pushed but in a way that inspired me not to give up. (I gave up a few times.)

This year

I launched the Goddess sessions with Renita and Allison – check

Worked on and published my second book – check

Built and launched something – nope

Created and founded Loud Mouth Consulting – Getting closer every single day!!!

And I proved to myself that I am capable of being. success, thank you for being a part of my journey, love Devon J Hall 2022.

I didn’t cry when I read this letter but I wanted to, I’m damned proud of myself this year. I’m going to keep this letter and add it to next year’s letter, I want to thank the person who suggested I post this. @Zanade is the one that introduced this idea to me, and it really (I think) helped me to manifest the things I wanted to this year.

I couldn’t do everything I wanted, and I didn’t get the workshop out there, but I did get my second book out, so that’s something!

Until Next Year my loves, I’m taking a break. You can find me on Twitter @LoudMthBrownGlrl.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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