That’s the number. I plan to hit 1000 posts before the end of 2022, which would round off the year with a successful goal that is not too difficult to achieve. Just so that I can get that milestone out of the way.

Today I found a website I worked on years ago for a program called Skin n Bones Global. The mission of the program was to remind youth, that they deserve to live, that they are beautiful, and that they are not alone. I started it to help a kid on Twitter who said she wanted to die, because she thought she was too fat. (Spoiler, she’s still alive and doing beautifully.)

That website, sad as it is (oh wow my skills have been UPGRADED!), was the framework for what Loud Mouth Brown Girl could become. A movement of people raising awareness about mental health issues and healing from trauma.

I started this as a way to help teens, but it wasn’t long before I realized that SnB was affecting people of all ages, and it felt weird but beautiful to see how many people came out to support the project. I’m really glad the website is still up because it means that those stories weren’t posted for no reason.

This website was the beginning of my leadership, and helped me move from cleaning toilets to building programs at SUMS (I can say that’s where I used to work now.), and I couldn’t be more proud of Tony, Craig, Kristine, Sarah and all the people who stepped up to support me. Thank you.

This site is so different, but I think I want to add an element of what I was doing with Skin and Bones, with Loud Mouth Brown Girl. I think I want to do more modeling and photo shoots, I just have to find the money to do it.

I have an OnlyFans account, but I haven’t had time, or energy, or the wherewithall to work on it, so I think I’m going to start doing that for the new year. Because why the hell not? Every body is beautiful, including mine.

What a great start to a gray day.

What do you think? Should LMBG start doing nude photo shoots?

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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