Okay so let’s talk about how we can realistically stop celebrating gang culture, and start remembering that our very favorite rappers have been trying to reeducate us since Lauren Hill released her album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

In a series of videos and essay posts, I am going to try and prove that Hollywood has been speaking, but lots of folks haven’t been listening.

When this album first came out, white kids everywhere spat on Lauren Hill’s name, talking about how she was turning against her culture, by not doing something that was more hip hop and less song and dance. They wanted her to be hood, but they also wanted her to be a 1950s housewife, so she gave them both and they told her to go fuck herself.

So she did, she went and lived a life, and people said that she turned her back on the industry that made her, and that she owed her fans an album. Rihanna heard that too, and she gave herself a baby and told her fans to go fuck themselves, and she’d agree…you get what you ask for in this world.

Lost Ones was about gangsters (I think) and kids, who were looking for money and fame for fortune and happiness, meanwhile she was also talking about God speaking to her and saying “look we understand you want the glitter and glam, but do you want happiness?” Largely because those who make it to the top understand one thing…it’s never as pretty as it looks.

The House of Windsor, the castle is 200 years old, and if you go inside of it, you’ll realize that it’s filled with mice and is falling apart. Literally.

When I would ask about Lauryn Hill, only barely knowing who she was at the time, I was told she wasn’t worth listening to. That was the first problem. YOU thought she wasn’t worth listening to, and now? Now everything she said was going to happen on that album…happened.

Kids die every day. It’s okay…there’s a steady supply of new ones coming out of Texas.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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