I’ve been thinking a lot about love letters, and the prisoners and soldiers of the world tend to get a lot of letters. Men, women, and non-binary folks are always writing someone, children especially, but how often have YOU in particular sat down to write a love letter to someone that matters? To you I mean, because I truly believe everyone matters.

From Ukraine, Russia, Germany, and all over the world people have come here to visit this website, to read my rants and raves, to hear what I have to say, and have left with one opinion or another about how they feel about what they’ve seen. That in itself, I am told, is a love letter.

From old friends and flames to enemies turned…more annoying, less enemy type folks, people have read this site, and the changes that are coming are absolutely terrifying to me.

I’m literally losing my mind.

On one hand, I’ve got doctors telling me that I *need* to be under care, meanwhile, I’ve written two books, and even though I’m not selling out, I am functioning in a healthier way than ever before, I’m not as physical as most folks these days, but I’m working on it slowly.

Either way, I’m doing a bit…stronger than I have been on other days this year, and I’m starting to seriously think about where I want this site to go, so I thought I’d explain, read manifest, and a future in which these dreams become a reality, or at the very least I acknowledge they already kind of have.

The Site

The site started because someone I loved called me a whore, we had a long conversation that lasted over five years about why that wasn’t okay, and every inch of it is detailed on this website. In one form or another, it’s the only way I get to talk to them anymore, because THEY DON’T FUCKING LISTEN very well, so they can never say I didn’t say so, it’s all here. This website is an act of love, designed to remind the people of my past, they aren’t going anywhere with drugs, gangs, and guns.

The Book Uncomfortable

The book was only born because I had so much to say, and I didn’t want to give it all away for free, but in writing the book I accomplished a dream I had wanted since I was five years old.

That was accomplished because someone had the gall to ask me what was holding me back, and honestly, it was only written because I figured if I didn’t write it, the boys who were stupid enough to not ask for help, would kill me before I get the chance.

Six Oh Four North

Six Oh Four North was born because I wanted to speak on how much cannabis has helped me, but to do that I have to follow the laws and I didn’t want to lock down this website, so keeping it separate allows me to keep the conversations about mental health and cannabis connected but largely separate.

That site will be coming on September 15th, 2022, and I am very excited to show y’all what I’ve been working on. For now, the site is just a blog, but as it grows I hope that I’ll be able to add to my cannabis education so that I’ll be able to start passing that information on to others who don’t have as much access as I do.

Uncomfortable II: Fundamental Foundations For Mental Health Content Creators

This book exists because I wanted to help other bloggers and content creators feel validated, and that’s really the only reason. I hate this idea that because we post our work online, we’re somehow less important or educated than those who write about how devastating it is that some actor cut his fucking hair.

Like there are bigger things on the planet, and if I can be a part of helping other creators find their inner fire and fighter so they can share that person with the world then that’s what I want to do, and I’m really excited not only to see who buys the book, but what they do with the information inside of it.

At most the book is a map towards taking all your inner weirdness and using it to show others how amazing you are, it’s not about self-help it’s really not, because you help yourself every day. It’s about self-understanding, it’s about learning to communicate with yourself in a way you may not have tried before.

Each of these projects, is coming together nicely, sooner than I expected, but also not soon enough, and it feels like there are not enough hours in the day, but even if no one else is seeing the growth, I am, and I am really excited to see what comes next.

Thanks for five amazing years y’all, here’s to five more.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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