This weekend, many people were killed, and many people were killed by guns.

In Canda.

I know it’s a shock, but yes, this stuff does actually happen here, and when it happens, we do this thing in Canada, where we pretend that we’re surprised, but we’re not really, we’re just surprised someone we know made it into the papers.

So You Wanna Be A Gangsta…You Ready To Go To War? Because That’s What You’ll Do Forever. And Ever. And Ever. It Will Never Stop. There Will WILL, Be BLOOD!

Girls surrounded by gang guys don’t always know what’s up, but we always know when something is up. Maybe it’s a look, maybe it’s the way another woman is behaving, or the way that a man touches you when the person you’re with is right beside you, but we ALWAYS know something is up.

No, it’s not instinct, it’s training.

In my case, the training came at the hands of my abusers – and their fists, knives, and other implementations of torture, but in the case of the other girls I was surrounded by, a lot of it was neglect, abuse, trauma, a lot of it was “if you want to be with me, you’ll behave the way I expect you to.”

Girls don’t have as much power over men as people assume.

More often than not what you’re seeing isn’t women encouraging men to be violent, but the understanding that he’s GOING TO DO IT ANYWAYS, so at least if we egg them on, or encourage them, then we’re on the right side of things so that we’ll not be next.

In return for our silence, or sometimes our yipping like dogs for their approval, *yes it happens, get over it*, we have food in our bellies, roofs over our heads, and trauma in our hearts that keeps us just enough under their control to prevent us from fighting back.

I Chose Differently.

I don’t work with cops anymore the way that I did when I was at the church. I do however make it very clear that when it comes to the war between cops and gangsters I’m fucking neutral, and if I haven’t before, let me let you in on a secret…it’s because you haven’t been paying the fuck attention.

Go back through every essay on this blog, and you’ll find the story of Surrey BC.

You’ll find guys who kiss girls to control them so that those same girls won’t touch other, very specific guys. You’ll find stories of girls who manipulate men into getting what the girls want, and the reason that men and women – or rather girls and boys in gangs – behave this way, is because they don’t know better.

But yeah, we give up on them, before they get the chance to see there is another life, and often the moment that they do get out, the moment that they do switch gears, they end up dead.

Every single day, a 10-year-old kid is being dragged into a gang, and over the next several years of his, or her, life, they will do things they never, EVER thought were possible.

Several of the girls in my high school ended up with babies before they were ready, all of them prepared for sex, but none of them prepared for motherhood, and in the USA, grown men are deciding that it’s perfectly acceptable for a 10-year-old to give birth to a baby.

We say a lot that gangs are the problem, but are they? If it’s legal for a 10-year-old child to give birth, but it’s not illegal for that child to have been raped, in order to get pregnant, then are gangs the problem? Or is it the entire fucking system?

“This is Canada, That Can’t Happen Here.”

Now, I know you out there are thinking “She’s going after gangs, she’s not safe.” Baby bring it on. Bring every gangster you can find to my fucking doorstep, and we’ll be drinking whiskey in less than ten minutes. Why? because I don’t give a fuck.

Sell drugs, rape women, abuse children, if that’s who you want to be, I can still party with you, and when you die I’ll shed a tear or two because you were human, but I won’t forget, and that’s the punishment of being in a gang or being a part of something that destroys the life of those around you.

Recently in Vancouver, BC, a hate crime was committed against a very specific person. In an area known to be frequented by LGBTQ2S+ folks. This was obviously a gang initiation, but of course, the cops are saying that it’s “just” a hate crime.

No sweetie, it’s worse than that. It’s a group of young boys proving they are willing to do anything, hurt anyone, to get a sense of power in a world where they clearly feel like they have none, and this is what makes these incidences of violence so fucking terrifying.

The problem with:

  • Gangs
  • Cults
  • Religious Organizations
  • Politics

They Are All The Same.

Gangs require you to do evil shit.

Cults use your worst fears against you.

Religious organizations demand all your secrets in return for “God’s Favor,” which you only get when you die.

Politicians all start out meaning well, and one bad choice later, and they’ve destroyed everything they claimed they wanted to protect, in favour of protecting themselves.

No matter where you go, you will find someone who will promise to protect and love you, but first, you just gotta do them this tiny little favour – and it usually involves keeping your mouth shut, whether you’re a gangster or a politician, I have secrets on you.

There are very few people who know more about Surrey BC and the way things work than I do, for a variety of reasons, and yet people look at that dick Dennis Watson for information on the Hells Angels, local gang members and almost all of it is a well-crafted lie, designed to make sure that girls like me keep our mouths shut.

It’s not a who’s who of gangsters, it’s a reminder that Dennis Watson doesn’t know shit about what’s really happening here, and this is why it’s a problem.

Lots of people are using gossip sites these days and sure they’re fun, and interesting, and even sites like Crazy Dayz and Nights get it INCREDIBLY SCARY right sometimes, so does Watson, but the problem is that a lot of the shit that is correct, is wrapped around thousands of posts that are either complete bullshit or well-crafted lies to hide the truths.

Yes, there is sex trafficking of children happening in BC, and yes it’s been happening for decades, I’m proof of this, but it’s not hte people that Dennis Watson has accused, and the problem with that is that when people like me go to the police to report, the cops look at all the information they can find, including that stupid ass website, and assume that people like me are lying because he has a “reputation.”

For being a complete and total douchbag who steals tips from houseless people he pays to lie to him? Sure. Great reputation.

And when new cops meet me who don’t know “my” reputation, they assume that I’m either lying or crazy, which leaves me unprotected, because the men who are ACTUALLY guilty are getting away with crimes, while INNOCENT men rot behind bars, like JB and DG.

Friends of friends of friends that I’ve met a handful of times, or you know, my fucking cousin, who is accused of rape, when in reality, he wasn’t there the night I was raped to rape me, but to protect me, and fucking COULDN’T because we were outnumbered.

So when it came time to go to the police – which I had permission to do by the way -, what happened? He was charged, and arrested, for shooting a man who actually raped me. Because that man works with, and for the police service in bc.

But I’m crazy. So what do I know?

Keep Pretending We Aren’t At War, I’ll Keep Telling You It’s Not What You Think

Many of the “Gangstas,” that read this blog now are pissed at me. Good keep being angry because you’re being a fucking idiot. You’re being used by a group of pedophiles who are hiding their crimes, by using you to sell drugs, and in the interim, you’re doing shit JUST to survive, not knowing who you’re fighting for.

Red Scorpions, Hells’ Angels, Banditos, Rock Machine, Wolf Pack, Crips, Bloods,

The one thing that all these people have in common is that they were children once. Some of them have children now, others might in the future, and the cycle will continue, and the only way to stop it is for all the young blood here in Surrey BC, to put down their guns and ask themselves what the fuck they are fighting for.

Who are you working for? Why do they have your loyalty? I know EXACTLY why my crew has my loyalty because they never left, they’re still here watching my back, still making sure that people know I’m not going to back down in front of a gangster. What are you gonna do shoot me? I mean beyond that I’ve been through everything else, even down to being kicked and hit by a cop for 0 reasons, because I couldn’t breathe, so yeah come at me, or acknowledge the fact that I’m trying to save your stupid ass life.

You say you’re a soldier, you say you’re following in the footsteps of Biggie, Pac, and Nipsy Hustle, I have news for you, the one thing they all have in common is that they are dead. They are DEAD and they aren’t coming back, so maybe following THEIR journey isn’t the best solution to YOUR life.

Just a thought.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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