So I took like 3 weeks off from writing to focus on my mental health, and honestly, I should have just shot myself in the head, because the shit that I’ve been hearing has me asking humanity…are y’all okay?

I’ve been talking to friends I’ve had longer than most of you have been alive. I’ve been reconnecting with my spirituality and genius again, only to realize that humanity is in danger, not because of politics, global warming, or even sexual trauma, but because humans have completely forgotten who we are, and who we were meant to be.

I’ve spent the last three weeks reconnecting with the idea that I really am the smartest person on the planet and learning to understand a language that I used to know as a child, but that years of conditioning and abuse made me forget.

I’ve also spent plenty of time being told what to say and how to say it because there are some pretty cool opportunities coming out my way recently and I’ve ignored them all. I’ve had to because I had to focus on other stuff, I had to focus on healing, and the more that I think about these opportunities the more that I realize that this “brand,” is actually going to be something pretty special one day.

Problem Though

The bigger that you become in the world – as an artist, a writer, a creator, a person who other people notice, the more that people try to tell you what to say and how to say it and even when you’re known for speaking out and being “revolutionary,” you only get to be as revolutionary as the people around you will let you be, and trust me when I tell you it’s soul destroying. In every way possible.

Recently I spoke out about an actor who I know very well now, one of the nicest people on the planet. He was speaking out on the environment, and the next day he retracted his statement because OBVIOUSLY someone above him made it very clear that you don’t get to do that when you’re famous.

Lots of people wonder why I go so hard for celebrities, and it’s not because they’re famous, it’s because of this.

The More Famous You Get The Less You Have The Freedom To Have A Voice

Each and every day the world is dying in a thousand ways. The Earth is addicted to the blood of the people that have died over centuries, how could it not be one might ask, but the problem is that the more of us that speak out about what’s going on, the less that we are actually hearing each other.

Over the last several weeks I’ve been listening to everything from Hopsin to Eminem, Post Malone, and many many other bands from around the world and it got me thinking that there is an entire conversation going on that people are not hearing.

2Pac and Biggie, Puff, Jay Z, and several other rappers like Ice-Cube, from the west coast of America and Canada we’re hearing “the problems here are killing our youth and destroying our planet,” from the isles of Europe we’re hearing “we hear you, we understand you, we’re willing to fight with you,” but because MOST rappers and rap fans don’t necessarily listen to heavy metal or rock music, they aren’t hearing what the rest of us are hearing.

The World is Preparing The Best Way It Knows How

Recently there was an above top secret meeting of leaders from around the world, and it’s interesting to me because many people thought it would JUST be politicians, or that it would JUST be public figures like AOC or Justin Trudeau but as it turns out the “leadership,” that showed up were people just like you and me.

Content Creators and Bloggers, writers and authors, teachers, doctors, philosophers, and rappers and musicians from around the globe gathered to talk about what was happening, and instead of using our voices, we used music, we used music and film to look at what we’ve been doing to the world, to ourselves, and to each other, and we’ve been working on a plan to make things better.

But the only way to make anything better is to work together, and because so many people have so many preconceived ideas of what “better” means, we’re kind of stuck in this place where we’re still figuring out what it is we’re supposed to be doing.

At this meeting, we had Gangsters, verified, violent, abusive, sociopathic men and women who have spent their entire lives being deliberately thrown through the cracks so that they would become the very worst versions of themselves, and we had the chance to really talk.

Rape, Torture, Sex Abuse in general, politics, geopolitical issues, hunger, science, and religion, all of these things were discussed and it was fucking amazing.

A lot of people didn’t get it, because our focus is so narrow based on our experience as humans that for a lot of people it was a chance to meet super sexy celebrities, and that right there is the fucking problem.

It’s SUCH a massive problem to look at someone and stop at “damn they’re sexy,” without thinking about what’s behind that beautiful face, or that physically attractive attribute that you like, which is why this meeting was so important.

We as humans have a TERRIBLE habit of doing what we’re told to do, of fighting for survival but not understanding that the person(s) that we’re fighting against, are fighting for the EXACT same thing, so we compiled some songs, and some films that you should watch, not in the order that WE choose, but in the order that YOU like, so that you can hear what we’ve talked about.

I’ve chosen deliberately NOT to name those who were involved because if it weren’t for the online group Anonymous, in all seriousness, not only would this not have happened, but my stalkers, (in particular) would have gotten away with killing me, and yeah I know it sounds crazy. to be like “so I spent 3 weeks talking to celebrities, reporters, and “gangsters,” without naming names, but the whole point of this isn’t to talk about WHO was there, but instead WHAT we learned.

Here are some of the lists, if you want more check my Twitter, Facebook, or IG, because I’ll be adding more over the next few weeks.

Before I sign off, I just want to say a massive thank you to ALL the musicians, artists, celebrities, reporters, FORMER gangsters, and current heros who came together to save my life, and the lives of all those I call fam.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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