So when I was about 23 I had a dream of a time when I was travelling through time or space as a child. I was dealing with severe depression, living in an apartment with an abusive jackass of a person, who I just let into the house the same way one would let an evil vampire, not seeing the difference, but being too broken to care.

In Gypsy culture, you’ll only recognize the idea of Traveling Witches from shows like Vampire Diaries, but basically, that’s what we ALL do in our dreams. Music, politics, the shit that we’ve had to deal with throughout the day, it all has an effect on what we dream about.

This dream that I was having wasn’t about a hot guy or a potential soul-mate, it wasn’t about a great band, it was about the idea that we as humans can communicate through our dreams with each other, but there was really only 1 way to prove that fact, and it was fucking insane, but ironically it worked…sort of.

So I had this dream where a boy with blonde hair is sitting in a field, and he’s got a pair of drumsticks, I wasn’t drunk, I was pissed off and that’s what triggered the fucking dream.

I just wanted to escape, and I wanted to not have to deal with my friends having babies before they were ready, I wanted to escape from a variety of men having different rules for me to live by that did not align with who I wanted to be, was meant to be, or needed to be.

I was tired of it all.

So I had a conversation with this boy about what that felt like and he laughed at me, outright, in his very annoying accent he said “watch out for My Band,” here I am pouring my heart out to this stupid boy in my fucking dreams and he’s just talking about his stupid fucking band.


Years later that band became incredibly famous and so this post isn’t going to say anything more than if you haven’t listened to Nightwish please do, and please remember that they listen to gangsta rap and heavy metal too.

Nightwish is just one of MANY amazing bands from all over Europe that are listening to artists like Rebecca Stevens A, and gangsta rap. I have it on VERY good authority that if you think that it’s all white people, then you need to listen to this band.

Then you need to go and do some history work, then you need to listen to some gangsta rap from across North America, and Canada, as well as across Europe.

Artists who work for the 1% are responding to the 99.9% of us, who are absolutely certain that our heros can’t hear or find us when we need them the most.

On behalf of the writers of this particular song, and all the amazing people who brought it together, I’d like to present this particular video as evidence that you may BELIEVE Europe hates Black folk, but the truth is that there are MANY people over there fighting for those of us OVER HERE, without even realizing the power of the majick that is their music.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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