Every year hundreds of thousands of people end up houseless, often because of situations and events out of their control. Today I sat down with my friend R.C. Murphy to discuss her issue with being houseless, and while you read this I thought you might like to listen to our conversation.

This is a bit of an emergency situation because RC can only afford 2 more days before she’ll be out on the street, and her pets will have to be sent to the shelter, where they will probably be killed because of their own issues that might make them unadoptable.

The idea that people who are houseless shouldn’t have pets is such a wrong avenue to take when it comes to these issues. Often times R.C is alone, and the only companions she has are her dogs. I can’t imagine what I’d do without my cats or my mom, but RC is soldiering on. If you or someone you are aware of knows how to help R.C. and her family, please consider checking out her support options online.

Sending all my love

Devon J Hall

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