In the comic books Captain America is seen as an often racist, rude, egotistical jackass who saves the world time and time again without realizing that he’s a racist egotistical jackass, that’s largely because his writers were…you guessed it, racist, egotistical jackasses who thought people were too stupid to get what they were saying.

In the films, he’s an often unaware of his own strength kind of hero, who isn’t entirely caught up on modern technology which only adds to the adorableness of the hotness that is Captain America as played by Chris Evans.

I’m watching this film today because I don’t have access to the first actual Avenger’s film in which he says “The last time I was in Germany…” blah blah, I am reminded of that because today people are circulating photoshopped images of the men and women who broke into the capitol. The only difference between the original pictures and the photo shopped ones is that the PS ones have swastica’s all over them and honestly, I can’t blame people.

It’s been said that if you argue enough about anything, you can steer the conversation towards the topic of nazi’s, but the truth is that after what we saw on Wednesday morning, it’s really hard not to.

It’s really hard to forget that it was not that long ago that Nazi soldiers invaded Germany and took control, it’s hard to believe that this is what these people were intending to do because they’re literally so stupid that one of them killed himself by tazing his own balls and forcing himself to have a fucking heart attack.

These are not smart people, they are not gullible people, they are people who deliberately, day after day, chose to follow the lies of a man who is known for some of the most disgusting and heinous crimes against women and children, in the history of America.

  • This is man who willingly stole children from their parents – many of whom still have not been located – and locked them in cages.
  • This is a man accused of the rape of a child.
  • This is a man who is accused of more than fifty different sexual assaults on women
  • This is a man who said that domestic terrorists were “very fine people” and that he “loved them very much.”
  • And not 24 hours after conceding the election, two months after the election was well and truly over, he returned to his original rhetoric to pump up the base that is now deflated after seeing this same man condemn them and their actions twenty-four hours prior.

Donald Trump is not a good man, he is not a kind man, he is not a gentle man, and he is not, unfortunately, a bumbling idiot. The actions taken on Capitol Hill were a deliberate attempt at obstructing justice. There were men there with bombs, and zip ties, they were ready and absolutely willing to take hostages. Why are we not focusing on finding these guys and hunting them down?

Why were they not arrested on sight? The FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, DARPA, couldn’t figure out what was going on? At every single turn they were denied access to more soldiers, and more cops, prior to this event, and one has to ask why.

It is absolutely imperative that we ask why the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE decided NOT to protect the fucking Capitol Building, the People’s house and the vulnerable representatives that were locked inside?

Twitter supposedly banned him for the next two weeks, and yet miraculously the next day he’s back on Twitter spewing and spouting the same old garbage about rigged elections again. Are you fucking kidding me? Now they’re talking about impeaching him and all I can think is why? What the fuck for? It’s at this point not like that’s going to change a God damned thing.

They ALREADY impeached him – I thought that meant that he would lose his job. I stupid thought that meant that he would be turfed out of office, but as it turns out impeachment is just the Government’s official way of telling you that you’re a jackass, and that you can continue being a jackass without any actual consequences.

I’m pretty much over America right now, but films like Captain America still give me hope. Don’t ask me why, maybe it’s because I keep hoping that one day the Avenger’s are going to show up and save us from this mess, give us something real to focus on, but honestly I am just fucking tired.

I can’t imagine how actual Americans must feel right now, because I am completely bone fucking tired with this shit. I am legit over it. Every day it’s something new, and it’s absolutely more terrible this day then it was the day before.

I was literally telling my mom the day that this happened, that I was bored of politics and I wanted the world to go back to making fun of celebrities doing stupid shit, because I needed a distraction and the Universe went “here you go.” THIS IS NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR, just to clarify, but alas, that’s the way the universe works, it always gives you something to bitch about, one way or the other.

In the summer of 2020 men, women, and children, of all colors, creeds, nationalities, orientations, sizes, and colors, stood up against police brutality in America, in response they were beaten, tear gassed, and torn down by anyone and everyone who disagreed with them.

In the first week of 2020 white people stormed the capitol building, destroyed Nancy Pelosi’s office, and smeared actual human feces down hallways and on the walls, and were given a free pass to do so by cops who let them into the fucking building on camera.

I am tired. I am Canadian and I am exhausted by American media, and I blame myself because it’s on every fucking channel that I do not actually have to choose to watch, except that I have friends, family, allies, fans, and loved ones living in America, so what is happening there is always fresh on my mind.

I have Budsista’s who live there.

The days of pretending what is happening in America, isn’t affecting the rest of the world is over my friends. We have to wake up and pay attention, because this was just a warning shot, I feel it in my bones. There is more coming and it’s going to be far worse and far bloodier than we can imagine.

We, BIPOC people, need to tread carefully, they have now proven that they will let these people into one of the most protected buildings in the world, with bombs, tasers, guns, and zip ties, while simultaniously trying to dismantle our energy and our bodies with their own guns and bombs, purely because our skin is Black and Brown, and theirs is white.

People of color are not safe in America, we don’t need anymore video to prove that, we have hundreds of years of history to back up this fact, and it needs to be recognized by the United Nations and the World Health Organization. People of color in America are in danger, and if we don’t do something soon, people are going to spend the rest of their lives asking stupid ass questions like “how did this happen?”

It happened because we ignored the warnings, it will continue to happen, because we continue to ignore the warnings. It’s time to step the fuck up and stop stoking the flames and testing fate by continuing to vote these traitorous backstabbing anti-American’s into office.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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