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I Am Watching Captain America This Morning, Because I Needed A Dose of Real America, The Flying Comandos are The Answer To This Mess

In the comic books Captain America is seen as an often racist, rude, egotistical jackass who saves the world time and time again without realizing that he’s a racist egotistical jackass, that’s largely because his writers were…you guessed it, racist, egotistical jackasses who thought people were too stupid […]

Breaking News: The #Capitol Building Was Stormed By “Make America Great Again” #MAGA White Supremacists Carrying Weapons And The Police, FBI, Secret Service, and The National Guard Did Nothing To Stop Them

I needed the title to be that long, because I needed to be the words as big as possible when you saw them, because today was an absolute shit show. It took me all day of staring at my television in complete shock, that’s the only word that […]