I needed the title to be that long, because I needed to be the words as big as possible when you saw them, because today was an absolute shit show.

It took me all day of staring at my television in complete shock, that’s the only word that I have to describe today.

I don’t have any other words to describe the emotional shut down that went through my system when I looked at Twitter to see that people were marching in Washington one moment, only in the next direct moment to turn my gaze to CNN to realize that they had stormed through a window and door at the capitol building.

I don’t even know what to say. I am so angry, I am seething with a deep seeded rage that I am having trouble putting into words, so I ask you to bare with me.

If this had been Black people, or Black Lives Matter…” is a statement that I have heard and read more than a hundred times today. The end of that statement has ended (all day) with the words “it would have ended in blood.

There is not a single white person on the planet that can disagree with that statement and manage to back it up with actual fact. Whenever Brown, Black, or Indigenous people have stood up for themselves, their white armed to the teeth military based police force mostly made out of white people counterparts, have fought back as if they are going to war.

Today we learned that when white people storm the United States of America fucking Capitol Building, white people will not only be allowed to do whatever they want, included but not limited to, rifling through the private offices of senators and other staff, but that they can get away with it.

We have no idea, and we will not know for quite some time, how much of the information they had access to while they were in charge of the building will be disseminated among enemy countries, we have no idea how to verify the sheer volume of people that attended, and participated, we have no idea how many of them were foreign agents.

I am angry. I grew up believing in the power of the White House, I grew up believing that one day my voice would be powerful enough to reach the highest halls of power in my favorite country in the world. I grew up wanting very much to go to America, to visit the deep south where my people are from. I grew up believing that the American way was just and fair, and when I finally woke up to the reality, I learned that my voice – no matter how powerful – will never matter as much as a white person’s.

The drama of today was absolutely terrifying, because it implies that this could happen again. For days, weeks, and months, the FBI, Secret Service, National Guard and the Department of Defense knew that these people were planning on marching on the capitol today and they said and did nothing.

In fact when the drama first broke out, the Department of Defense refused to send in the National Guard, it wasn’t until Trump said that they had to come in that they actually showed up, and when they finally did show up, they waited until the last possible second to move in.

Today was a shit show, it was frustrating, they are so…complacent, all of them with this behavior. Watching the senators vote to certify Biden’s win, and hearing people clap for Trump made me sick to my stomach.

So many of these white men in power in Washington did everything they possibly could to incite the violence that happened today and they will do nothing about accepting responsibility for their actions, and it will take another four years of this bullshit for anything to change, and even then there is no guarantee that it will change.

I saw a video still of a woman today walking through LA by City Hall, she was accosted, she was grabbed, she was assaulted because of Trump supporters who were marching through the city. She was Black, surrounded by white counterparts who hate her for existing and made absolutely no shame of showing this fact to the world.

These men and women proudly stormed the capital and called themselves revolutionaries, they are genuinely shocked that people are disgusted and angry and they see themselves not as the enemy to democracy but as protectors of it, and that should fucking terrify you.

This isn’t the end, it’s going to get worse, it’s going to get bigger, it’s going to get bloodier, and it’s not going to change until You The People, stand up and say enough is enough, and by “You” I am talking about “YOU” the Representatives of the American People.

Do your fucking jobs and make sure this shit never happens again.

Let’s make this perfectly clear, these were not protestors, these were not “very fine people” they were Domestic Terrorists hellbent and determined to cause very bad very dangerous trouble, they accomplished their mission today. They cannot be given the opportunity for another attempt.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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