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I’m watching Ransom right now, and it’s an episode about racists who are threatening to blow up a bunch of shit, in order to prove that colored folk and white folk shouldn’t mix.

I’ve also been thinking about the universe…for months actually. Specifically how it got started.

I believe in the beginning there was nothing, everything was just one big ball of blackness, and I think that as things have evolved we eventually were the next evolutionary step.

I also believe that the last logical universal step would for the universe to destroy itself in an effort to return to what it once was.

It’s the same evolutionary process that those of us who deal with mental health issues go through all the time.

We come to a place of self destruction, in an effort to understand all that we are, and all that we could be. Before we are born again into something new, something stronger and more aware of our actions and their effect on the world.

I think that the mixing of the races is an honest to God, evolutionary step in our growth. It was inevitable, given the way that we reproduce and how quickly we are evolving our segregated societies.

I think that racism is an effort to stunt our growth, our necessary evolutionary process. Racism confuses me, in it’s entirety, because at the end of the day we are all human beings.

When I come across someone who is blatantly racist in real life, I am stunned stupid by the audacity of their beliefs. I have a person in my orbit, who I don’t talk to, specifically because of their views on “Brown” people.

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This person neglects to remember that there are not one but two people in their orbit, who are brown, and they see absolutely nothing wrong with their beliefs.

They have completely cut myself and my brother out of their lives, specifically because of their views.

I am fine with them not being in my life…..but not really. I genuinely care about this person, and although they are a complete and total douchebag I want nothing but the best for them.

Racists don’t think that way however. They believe they are superior purely because of the color of their skin, or the religion they practice, or because the fucking sky is blue.

They eat our food, wear our clothes, and genuinely, pretend to be us in every fucking way, I’m looking at you Shaun King, Rachel Dolezal and Jessica Krug, but they don’t want to fucking accept that we belong in their their table.

Shaun King blocked me for calling him out because I am Black and he is not. This was years ago, and while I don’t care that I got blocked by Whitey McScrooge, I do care that I will never have the same opportunities he has been afforded because the color of his skin is white.

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That being said, I recognize that as a light skinned Black woman, I have much more freedom than my darker counterparts. I am more likely to be accepted because I can “pass” for white if I really want to.

The truth is that racism, as a belief system, as a structure has done far more to destroy our society than any other kind of hatred on the planet. It is an absolute virus that takes everything you are and taints it.

It causes so many other issues like mental health problems that include but are not limited to paranoia, stress, anxiety, depression, fearfulness, and that’s just what the fucking racists experience.

Racism makes everything about your life, and the lives of those who care about you so much harder than it has to be, and while I recognize that I am talking to a brick wall, it’s important that I say it anyways.

When you grow up in that kind of toxicity I recognize that it’s hard to break from what you’ve been taught, but if you want a good, better life, you have to try.

On the day that I wrote this, Donald Trump has destroyed the Anti-Racism training,

Please someone tell me how hatred makes your life better. How does that even remotely make sense? I don’t understand this idea that because someone doesn’t practice their faith the way you do, it means they are somehow dangerous or demented.

This kind of brain washing comes from very angry people, who would rather blame their bad fortune on the color of someone’s skin, than on the choices that they often made themselves.

I have no sympathy for racists, I have no empathy for grown men and women who tell trans children that they are going to hell. I have no empathy for people who wake up every day, pray to God, and then go out and deliberately cause harm to the same creatures that the God they pray to helped to create.

I don’t get it and I never will. That is the official stance from the official Loud Mouth Brown Girl. If you are a Trump supporting white supremacist racist, you have no place in my orbit.

I won’t miss you, and I will wish you well….but at this point…the soul of the world is at stake and I choose the light.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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