Not much. I think I’ve dreamt of being in this place before, maybe my future self is warning me of what’s to come. She also showed me – in my dreams anyways – an image of myself standing on a mountain and waving presumably at a camera. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m destined to climb Everest.

Look it’s cool that people do it, I just have no desire to be that cold for that fucking long it ain’t for me, but thanks for telling me – in my dreams – that I am going to climb mountains to get wherever it is I’m meant to be. That’s a pretty important warning and blessing.

It tells me that life isn’t going to be easy for me for a while, things are going to be stressful, and things are going to be tough, but I am going to get through it.

Growing up I was told I was crazy or weird, and that believing in majick is stupid and pointless, and now I am seeing girls who were just like me achieving their dreams as women and I am starting to think there’s no reason I can’t be one of them too.

Yes, it’s hard right now, it fucking sucks and I have every right to break down, cry and shatter, but I’m choosing my damndest to try and not do that because I know if I give in I won’t stop giving in until it’s too late to turn back. I can’t go down that road.

The one I’m on is really dark right now, it’s filled with traumatic triggers, but it’s also filled with good friends going through enough of their own shit that we can lean on each other and support each other without our own burdens being too much.

Each of us handles stress in our own ways, but I think that we’re going to be okay, I think that if we keep leaning on each other, then Savvy, Nada, Myself, my mom, my other friends like Arturo and Barrie, are going to be okay. I am blessed to have so many friends from here in BC to Zimbabwe, and it’s hard for me to feel sorry for myself knowing how many amazing people social media has brought into my life.

I grew up completely fascinated with the internet, with the possibilities and the adventures that someone could have with proper use of the internet and I’ve seen social media platforms come and go but this is the first time in my life I have friends I’ve met from around the world that I am so deeply and truly connected to on a spiritual level.

That feels pretty amazing in spite of everything I am going through right now, so thank you for being my friends.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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