I’ve never liked moving. I don’t know many people that do, but I am excited about the future. I’ll be living several blocks from the ocean, instead of miles, I’ll be able to go to the beach on days when I don’t have to work or do medical stuff, which leaves me plenty of time to explore and wander around.

The hope is that this move is leading to me getting my own apartment, so if you’re out there and you pray, if you could spare one for me I’d appreciate it.

We still have a ton of work to do, to get to where we want to be, but I can’t help it, I’m smiling at the possibilities.

There’s a part of me that is terrified because change is anxiety-inducing, it’s going to be different, I’ll be even more isolated in Vancouver than I am in Surrey, and I won’t have people I can talk to or share my fears with that are close by, but a phone call is really cheap these days.

There is so much violence to where I am going, it feels often like a war zone when you hear the news about it. Cops vs the people, the people vs cops, and everyone in the middle. Lots of folks don’t get along where I am moving, and that’s scary because some of them are violent.


And there is always a but my darlings, it’s a beautiful neighborhood filled with amazing restaurants, gorgeous cafes, and a billion art galleries and museums. So I really don’t have much to complain about.

The lower rent means more money in my pocket – not much but a minuscule amount – that might allow me to have some kind of life.

So there are a lot of good things that are coming with this move. I just wanted to share that in case you wondered how I was doing, and because so many of you beautiful folks have asked.

Thank you for the well wishes and the support, it means the world to me.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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