It’s really hard being a girl. Can we stop and acknowledge that? I’m a girl, and although I’m trying my best to be seen as non-binary, 40 years on this earth has made it difficult for those who think they know me, to be able to see me as non-binary, so I reiterate, being a girl is fucking hard work.

I want to celebrate my girl side all the time, but I also want so much to hide her, because she’s been traumatized and abused too many times to count. She doesn’t live as if the world were as it should be because she’s fucking exhausted.

I literally fought off people trying to murder me, because I’m seen as a girl because being seen as a girl is to be seen as being weak, but girls are some of the strongest people on the planet.

Not because of all the shit we deal with, though it certainly helps to make us stronger but because the world underestimates us the moment that we are born.

From the moment a girl enters this planet, she is told she is beautiful, and that she’s going to have a good life. She hears promises she doesn’t understand and then spends a good portion of her life realizing the promises of protection, of love, of abundance, are really hard to keep for some folks.

Not every girl gets a chance to rise and be strong and powerful, too many are taken from us before they get the chance to really learn to run or fly.

So for this month, I am celebrating women by talking about some of my friends each week to celebrate their hard work and their love of womanhood.

I am really blessed to be surrounded by beautiful, powerful, wise, strong, and empowering women who share the world with me because they genuinely love me regardless of my gender identity.

This month I am going to work on concreting my friendships and celebrating the things that make us laugh and bring us joy.

If you have a woman you think should be highlighted on the blog please fill out the contact form to let me know.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

If you have thoughts you’d like to add about this post, please leave a message, and let’s talk about them

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