Okay so I haven’t done this for a while, but here are some Frequently Asked Questions I get that I thought I would share here on the blog.

  1. Will you come to my podcast?

Depends on what it is. If it’s about writing, marketing, blogging, or racism and politics, Hell yes, I’m there. I can also talk about trauma, healing, and cannabis. For anything else like sports, I’m out of my element so probably not. HOWEVER you can shoot me an email via this page, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

2. What are your favorite things to write about?

I like writing about sex, but I’m very shy about it, to be honest. I still carry a lot of shame and stigma with me about my sexuality and my identity as a sexual being. A lot of times when I try to talk about sex, I end up talking about trauma, so I struggle a lot with this topic, but I love challenges and healthy sex life leads to a healthy Devon.

3. Twitter Drama

Stop! I won’t engage. I fucking refuse. If you or a group of you are fighting against someone I care about I MIGHT get involved, but the chance is high I’ll probably just block you. I don’t have the sanity for online drama.

4. Favorite sports teams

I’m the worst sports fan because I don’t really have a favorite. I love The Seahawks, the 49ers, and the Saints but I couldn’t pick a favorite out of the lineup to save my life. For Canada, I’m a diehard Roughriders fan but I hardly ever watch, so like I said, worst fan ever.

5. Favorite musician

Anything from 1976-1999 is on that list, so it’s hard to pick just one. RZA and The Wu-Tang Clan members taught me about spirituality, connection to the universe, and the various ways that we can commune with them. Ice Cube taught me about politics, and 2Pac taught me about the difference between Black in Canada and Black in America. Snoop helped me embrace my inner stoner, even Eminem, Ice T, and all of the hardcore rappers who use rap to teach taught me something. Nas taught me I could be anything I wanted, so to pick just 1 would be disingenuine.

6. What do you like to do for fun?

Heh. I love to get stoned and wander through Vancouver. It used to be a lot more fun when. all the little intricate delicate shops were around, like Salmagundi’s Antiques, and the goth shops, but now Vancouver has become a lot more corporate, and so all those cool artistic shops, as well as the underground tunnels, are covered up so it’s not as great.

New West by the water is a great place to sit in the summer and get stoned, if you can find a spot where you’re by yourself you can vibe out to music and sip your coffee. But Vancouver at night will always have a special place in my heart. I love music so I’m almost always listening to it these days, helps block the bullshit.

I love to go for long walks, but since the pandemic started I haven’t been doing that as much. so I am a lot weaker than I used to be.

7. What is your favorite strain to smoke?

My favorite strain of all time is White Widow, I also love Johnny Depp, Diablo, and Kush.

8. Why do you support trans women?

This is a super important question, and I only ever get it when I publically support trans women, but here’s the thing. I’m a mixed-race Black woman, who is questioning their gender identity because of complex childhood trauma. Who am I to tell a trans woman she doesn’t have space to exist when I am just figuring out what it means to be included myself?

I know what it feels like to live a life surrounded by people who hate you simply because you exist, the color of my skin has not made life easy for me, but it’s also taught me that if we support the idea that 1 person should be excluded, it’s a slippery slope toward not including anyone, and that’s not the world I want to live in.

9. What do you do in your off time?

I don’t really turn “off”, I’m always working on something even if it’s just in my head, but mostly I watch television. Listen to music, and play on Twitter, while researching whatever topic I plan to write about next.

I hope these questions helped you get to know me more, if you have other things you want to know, feel free to let me know.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

If you have thoughts you’d like to add about this post, please leave a message, and let’s talk about them

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