Okay so I’ve done a lot of podcasts, or rather a lot for me, and each one I do brings me closer to the person I want the world to see when Oprah decides that she’s ready to interview me. (Not yet Oprah, couple more years, but almost.)

I thought I’d create this page so that you can get a better understanding of who I am and what I might bring to your show.

Yes, I am a survivor of more than thirty years of sexual abuse combined – and yes there were years when I wasn’t being abused, but those years are filled with the processing the trauma, and the grief that it had happened “again,” and there are many of those years.

Yes, I am the Loud Mouth Brown Girl, and Yes, I live on Disability right now, but I am also getting ready to get my Cannabis Certification, so that I can help other people navigate the amazing plant, and how it works with the different parts of the emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual body.

Yes I suffered, yes I was tortured, beaten, branded, brainwashed, and abused, but I survived. BUT I SURVIVED. I am still here and I’ve learned that I am here for a reason, a bunch of reasons really, and even though I haven’t discovered them all, I truly believe that the fact that I am here is testament to how much the human body can go through, in an effort just to be able to decide that they WANT to be here.

I am not going to tell you that my life is perfect, my house is a mess, I currently have 4 brand new kittens, two one year old kittens, and an old bitch of a cat, and I live at home with my mom. This is NOT the dream, but that’s the point.

I am not polished and perfect, I do not have perfect nails, and I do not always do my hair and dress up, some days I barely get out of bed, so why the hell should you have me on your show right?

Because I am fucking hilarious, I am talented, I am strong, I am wise, I am a great writer and I have a ton of great advice for those who are just like me, trying to make it from one second to the next. I am tenacious, and I keep going no matter how hard things seem like they might be. Yes, my house is a mess, and it’s not because I am lazy it’s because I am focused on building this brand.

ONE Day I will have at least 3 maids to clean up for me so that my house is always beautiful and clean, but for right now? All I care about is letting people know that 65% of the time given what I have been through I am happy. I am successful because there are hundreds of people who read this website a week, I am successful because I refuse to give up, I am powerful, beautiful, and not interested in what other people think about how I push through, as long as I refuse to give up.

Yes I still have moments when I cry, when I curl up and wish for death, and then when it’s over, I get my ass back up and I get back to work. Yes I am overweight and I smoke too much, but that won’t be forever, so if you choose to have me on your show understand that what you are getting is a work in progress.

Oprah tends to interview people who have their shit together, who have all the pretty I don’t have all the pretty yet, and that’s what makes me most relatable to women across the world, because I am here, IN the fight, not at the end of the battle, but in the middle, exactly where I need to be.

My actual experience lies in some of the following topics:

  • Drug addiction, and working with people who live with addiction
  • Poverty and homelessness
  • Youth at risk
  • Childhood sexual abuse
  • Mental Health
  • Working with Non-Profit Organizations
  • Working with Activists around the world
  • Cannabis Use as a Patient, and Cannabis Education Networking
  • Website creation and design
  • Authorship (That’s right I am a published author.)
  • Relationships and the importance of being ready with your SELF before trying to be with someone else. (SINGLEDOM baby, HUGE advocate!)
  • The difference between Sex Work, Sex Trafficking, and
  • Sexual Trauma vs Sexual Pleasure

Also…I’m pretty sure that I was a transparent ghost who travelled through space and time and in and out of space in a past life…but that might be the cannabis talking. 😛

If you would like me to be on your show, please fill out this form. It’s not that I get so many requests that I can’t keep track, it’s more that you’re filling out this form tells me who you are, what your show is about, and helps keeps things organized in my brain. It’s an OCD thing. I really appreciate you taking the extra time to meet with me. This will help me prepare and make sure that I provide the best use of your time as possible.

If you’d like to do your own due diligence, you can hear some of my past appearances by clicking any of the links below.


Turning Readers Into Writers with Emma Dhesi is a podcast about writing. Each week she discusses the art of writing. In this episode we really talked about the emotional toll it can take on the spirit, and ways to get around that so you can get the words in your head onto the page. I really loved doing this interview because instead of focusing on my trauma, I got to focus on the work. You can listen to the podcast we did Here.

All Around Wellness with Zachary Pritchard was a tough conversation, because we talked a lot about what I experienced and how I recovered, but it was difficult! I hope you enjoy, you can listen here.

Be Your Own Kind with Nita Q was one of the best conversations that I have had all year long. It was a beautiful conversation about Black women, mental health, cannabis use, politics, and sexual abuse, and yet we still found ways to laugh throughout our conversation. I genuinely loved this conversation, so check it out here.

Uncensored was a really difficult conversation about anger, mental health, and life after trauma. It was a great conversation with Anne Livingston, but that didn’t make it easy. Check it out here.

Ms Weed Wiki Speaks was a great conversation about mental health, cannabis, memory retention, and all the things that matter to me. I really loved this conversation because it was with one of my Budsista’s and my best friends.

Culture Nerds Podcast: I did this podcast with Joe O. Patrone, specifically because we got to talk about Buffy. Joe is also on my podcast talking about the love of comics, comic books, and comic movies. I loved this conversation, because I got to geek out, and I got corrected, and learned a few things I didn’t know before.


I did an interview with Pariya for CSJF Radio which is the station that I used to volunteer at. You can listen to that cast here.

Still want me on your show? Please consider filling out this form and telling me a bit about yourself. Let’s connect!