Since before the Civil Rights Movement began, we’ve been stuck in a perpetual state of “Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and the other leaders of the movement are dead, so the fight is over.”

People have been genuinely acting like what’s happening in America, and also in Canada, England, Ukraine and other places around the world, is new. None of this is new. In fact, the fight for civil rights is as old as time.

Each of us has to decide what side of current politics that we’re going to be on, and more and more we’re finding that people we thought had our backs absolutely do not.

I’ve heard more stories of “my mother, grandmother, father, husband, used to be so liberal,” and now suddenly they changed? Yes because they were only liberal conditionally.

When you put limits on how much you’re going to support a specific issue, what you’re really saying is you don’t support it with your full chest.

I focus on writing about mental health because I am deeply passionate about helping folks who might be confused and lost in the sudden realization of having mental health issues. I know what that feels like and how scary it can be to wake up one day and realize you aren’t okay.

Now that I’m getting better, I want to work toward helping others, so they feel less alone than I did.

Each of us has to decide what we’re going to do to help the people of this planet, but when everything we think we believe to be true, goes against those we love the most, we really have to ask ourselves if we’re on the right side of things.

I’m not going to tell you what to believe, and I genuinely will give you the space to have different beliefs than me, but that doesn’t mean that it will be a small space. I don’t want people who believe in right-wing ideology in my life. That ideology kills people that look like me, my brothers, my sisters, my cousins, my aunts, and my uncles.

I am tired of people who look like us being murdered, and those who believe in the right-wing, Tucker Carlson’s and Candace Owens’s of the world, don’t often make it clear that lives like mine are important.

In fact, many people who follow these two “journalists,”, want people who look like me dead. Eradicated from the earth as if we never existed, and they have absolutely zero problems shouting these wants from the rooftops.

People who look like me – marginalized, living below the poverty line, bisexual and part of the LGBTQ2S+ community, are in danger, and the politicians who are supposed to protect us, are doing anything and everything but protecting us.

I remember being eight years old when the fear that our world would forever be at war started to consume me. I realized at a very young age that if we didn’t put down the guns and the weapons this was where we were going to end up, but very few people listen to children.

Children everywhere are being born into never-ending conflict, and it’s absolutely long past the time that Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X warned us about. We’ve hit the point of no return.

I’m just putting it on the record that folks are warning our politicians, that we did fight, that we are fighting, for a better future for you all. I want you to know we’re not giving up, but that doesn’t mean we’re winning, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve lost either, I mean we still have a lot of privileges that lots of folks don’t have access to, but the road is hard.

We are learning every day, that we know less and less, of what we thought we knew. New solutions to old problems also bring new problems. It’s a very confusing time to be alive.

Yes we have the freedom to vote for the people we think will take care of us, but actual Nazi supporters also have the right to vote and they are using that power in droves more than the rest of us. This is a problem, but we can’t take away their right to vote because we’d be no better than them, even as they try to do that exact thing to us.

As I said, the time for warnings is long over. We’re here. We are in the center of it, and the only way to push forward is to push forward no matter how hard it is.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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