I am not going to post the fucking picture. You’ve all seen it, if you haven’t seen it, you can look it up. Either way, it’s of a child holding a bear wearing BDSM gear – the bear, not the kid. The photo is grotesque.

So now they – Balenciaga – are saying that it’s not their fault, because it’s the fault of the production company. But here’s the problem:

No company worth their sweat would not show up to a photo shoot to check the final pictures before releasing them to the public. No way this didn’t have approval from the top of the fucking company, because if someone at that company just arbitrarily decides to post an ad campaign without their approval, I better see some fucking lawsuits.

“Subversive,” doesn’t mean “offensive,” “pornographic,” or “putting children at risk and harm.” Nirvana has been sued repeatedly because of their Nevermind album cover, and the reason for that is because the child who was a part of that photo shoot claims he has had to deal with irreparable damage due to the entire world seeing his bare ass.

How do you think this little girl is going to feel in 20 years? Today she has no idea the problem with that photo but in 20 years she’s going to cry about it, and that’s not okay, it’s not her fault a bunch of disgusting adults thought this would have a positive impact on our society.

I really believe that what we’re seeing is pedophile-leaning folks being far too comfortable talking about their disgusting desires and pushing the envelope to see how far they can push the line before we start telling them to stop, and I think that we’ve been seeing this increase in abusive behavior – in people and in the media – since the MeToo movement took off.

More and more abusers are coming out of the woodwork and we’re not fighting back against it, and when Tucker Carlson is actually calling out the bad behavior correctly? You know shit has gone too far.

I can’t believe I’m about to do this….

Tucker Carlson broke the news about this story, and it’s one of the few times (uuuuuggggggh) that I have to agree with this man but I do. It’s not okay for children to be sexualized. Period. There’s no excuse for it.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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