Who Am I? What Am I Doing Here? Where Am I Supposed To Go? What Am I Supposed to Do? How Do I Make My Own Future Happen?

I’m curious about this genuinely, so this post is directed at Bloggers, Content Creators, and Writers of all kinds. What story is your blog telling about you? Does it tell the world who you are? Or do you focus on telling the world about what it is you can do for us, the readers, instead? Or do you mix it up and do a little of both?

Secretly these are all questions that we’re asking ourselves, without talking about the answers we discover as we evolve, and ironically, answering those questions? Is all awesomely useable content that you can use to do what I’m doing.

When we’re deciding what content to put out there, and what to keep to ourselves, it can be really difficult to feel like we’re holding onto a part of ourselves that we can protect from the world.

Online toxicity is real, and even when YOU as the content artist have good intentions, that doesn’t mean that your intentions will be received the way you want them to be by the audience. This is why it’s important to know what parts of yourself to publish and which parts to keep to yourself.

The parts you keep to yourself are the parts that. no one gets to see, but they are also the parts of you that hurt the most because no one wants to see that right?

But what if, and go with me for a moment, the trauma of being depressed, anxious, all of it, was valuable information that isn’t being made to the public, that needs to be?

What if YOUR disabled mental health-capable voice is the one the world needs? That’s literally the only reason this website exists.

People love to tell me that I am brave, or that they could “never” put it all out there, but you have no idea what you’ll do until you have to save your own life.

“Well I have time, I’m young.” I thought that too, and in my case, I very nearly ran out of time. todo the thing that I wanted to do, that so many of you claim makes the world a better place, so my only real question to you is what are you waiting for?

Until you’re brave enough? I’ve got news for you if you want bravery in your life you’re going to have to muster up the courage to create it because it doesn’t grow on trees in the slightest. It’s something you have to earn and harness.

Bravery isn’t something you’re born with. No one is born brave, we’re born deciding we want to be brave, we want to be big, strong, and wise, and all of these accolades and they are, at that, come with time, practice, and understanding that evolution brings growth and new challenges but also new abilities.

I was always capable of being The Loud Mouth Whatever, but I didn’t want to be whatever, I wanted to be a published author, and in the years to come, I want to be a published author many times over. And now I’m on the way to doing that, but only because I took the time to digest that what I went through, is all a part of the curriculum.

Every day is a day that you can learn something new. And so today I ask you, challenge you better yet, to really think about what the curriculum is telling you, about your life’s journey.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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