It occurred to me recently that the first time I asked for anything, it was the day I demanded someone else clean my house. It was also the same day I finished writing Uncomfortable II: Fundamental Foundations for Mental Health Content Creators.

Maybe The Problem Is That You Just Didn’t Ask.- Devon J Hall

I’ve been listening to a lot of gangster rap lately, which is annoying because it’s not on purpose, but it’s been reminding me a lot about the life I left behind, and why I left it behind.

I left it behind because I wasn’t getting what I needed, from the people who claimed to know and loved me the best but didn’t know me at all.

They couldn’t possibly have known me, because if they had known me, they’d have seen how miserable I was, and they would have pulled me out before it was too late, but we were all so sick, and so miserable, that we couldn’t see each other’s pain ahead of our own.

If You Want Something But You Can’t Be Vocal About Wanting It, Do You Really Want It, or Do You Just Think You Want It? Manifest Those Dreams Loudly! – Devon J Hall

I’m watching Selling Beverly Hills, and it’s all about these beautiful people with beautiful lives, trying to sell the most amount of real estate, and one of the themes of the show is asking for what. itis you want.

This is something that we don’t talk about often, because it sounds so easy. “What do you mean I just have to ask you to be honest with you?” You’ll either get the honesty that you claim you want, or you won’t, but you’ll also know how you feel about what you receive.

I didn’t want to tell my story, it was a byproduct of wanting to save my own life, and learning from every movie I’ve ever seen to figure out how to tell my story in the best way so I didn’t die or get anyone else hurt.

I started asking for what I wanted the day I finished writing Uncomfortable II: Fundamental Foundations for Mental Health Content Creators. I literally stood up and demanded that Angels clean my house because I was at a loss to make that happen on my own. Thankfully my mom and some really great friends helped out to make that happen because otherwise it absolutely would not have.

I was yesterday years old when I learned that if you’re writing a book, you’re allowed to have a messy house and life. I wish someone had told me that a year ago, it would have alleviated a lot of stress over the last three years while I wrote the Uncomfortable series.

At the end of the day, believing that we deserve happiness, comes from a sense of believing that we deserve to have happy lives. Which again totally stems from being abused, or traumatized, or bullied in some way in our past.

At a certain point, we have to get over it, work our way through the trauma, and the bad memories, and find ways to keep moving forward, even though it’s hard or scary.

Sometimes that means being accountable for what we have done, or haven’t done, but sometimes, it just means talking to ourselves and asking the hard questions that only we can answer.

For years I depended on other people to teach me who I was supposed to be, instead of actually making the stretch to teach them who I want to be.

A lot of people don’t understand that those who get, are the ones who ask, or demand, what they want, and they work hard to earn the right to ask. Maybe you don’t have to ask for ten million dollars, but maybe you can find ways to get people to help you go to school so you. can earn those ten million dollars.

When You Don’t Know Who You Are, How Do You Know What to Ask For? If You Can Find Yourself You Can Build Empires – Devon J Hall

There are ways to ask, and there is an art to asking, that I only just recently discovered, now that I’m here I’m wondering why no one told me this before. Not this way, not in a way that I was able to consume.

No matter what it is you have in your life, make sure you are constantly asking yourself if it’s what you want and taking stock of what it means to have what you want. More than once, regularily, do the work and figure out what you want, what you don’t and spend the time believing that you deserve to earn more than you have. Then watch as those beliefs manifest into action and action into power.

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