There are those who are convinced that we evolved from apes, and others who believe that aliens brought us here, but either way, evolution has played a pivotal role in the growth and well, haha, evolution, of humanity.

Whatever you believe, right now at this moment, as I watch folks “turn the lights on” and begin “signing the yearbooks,” Twitter I feel a certain amount of sadness, but also a huge amount of awareness in ways I haven’t before.

We are witnessing evolution in action, with the growth of Twitter, and yeah like stock prices Twitter user numbers are falling, but who is to say this is the end? There are other social media apps out there.

I’ve linked my Mastodon account from the main page and honestly? It’s kind of exciting to know that not only am I finding a new place to chat and meet folks but there is 0 #CannabisCommunity there yet. They don’t fully exist there yet, so I get to be a part of introducing cannabis to this new platform.

Whoa! That’s cool.

There is so much to be discovered from these new platforms, and yeah it feels a bit like graduation day. The party is over, the nerd called the cops, and everyone has to find somewhere else to be, but that’s okay.

Friendships that can stand the test of time will find ways to persevere, and those that don’t will become treasured memories, but in more ways than one, we have never been more connected as a society than we are now.

Every single one of us has a chance to forge a new path digitally speaking, and it’s exciting, because OUR generations – regardless of race, creed, nationality, size, and orientation, have learned so much in the last 2022 years, that there is nothing we are not capable of anymore.

It’s an exciting time in the online world, no matter what your fears might tell you, because more now than ever, the geeks, the nerds, and the SMART people, are creating more initiatives designed to bring people together and to help the path of democracy stay open and clean than ever before.

Artists are more concerned with sharing their work and their voices, and leaders are being born from victims and survivors every moment of the day. Iran is standing up in ways girls never dreamed possible before.

Iranian girls are standing up – and their men are supporting them, are you kidding me? This feels like it did right before the rise of Anonymous and that was a truly beautiful moment in history to be a part of and to witness. So, all this to say worry not, because even if Twitter goes down, I’ll always be here for and with you.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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