I’ve seen so many great blogs come and go. So many great writers disappeared because they either didn’t want to share themselves online or because they came to a wall and didn’t know how to get passed it and so they just gave up and moved on to something else.

Many of you may not know this, but my writing career started on a website called 4Lane, where I met a group of people who inspired me to look for other chatrooms, other funnels to meet people I wouldn’t have met if not for the internet.

That led me to DnD roleplay, where I met Barrie. BFriend has been with me for 20 years, and in that time he’s gotten married and had a beautiful son that will one day babysit my children.

BFriend and I thought I was going to be the world’s next greatest novelist, but that didn’t happen, or hasn’t yet. So I focused on staying present, because as much as I loved pretending to be a vampire, I felt just as empty as one, and I needed something to help me find my Ohnah.

Ohnah is happiness, it’s my word, Ohana means family and I found that too, but I need more than to be just another blogger. I want in 20 years for my name to be mentioned as one of the most successful Bloggers and Content Creators that ever lived, because I know this is something that I do very well.

I want to be the best. And so recently I sat down with Rachel Lee, and suddenly everything is in focus now.

We talked about LMBG as if it were more than a personal brand as if it were something that could be used as a vehicle to help other women of color remember where they put their voices so that they can start speaking up and out as well, about their own truths.

One of the things we discussed is what I want to be able to offer, and while I’m still figuring out how to add a mentorship section to the website, I know that the book Uncomfortable II: Fundamental Foundations for Mental Health Content Creators is a good start.

This book – not to sell you – is the culmination of 20 years of experience in getting to know yourself as a human worth getting to know, and Rachel helped me realize just how valuable that experience is to other folks who might see what I am doing and want to come with me.

So now I have a brand new services page that will help people who want me to work for them to hire me and helps me by remembering that not every single day has to be 100% focused on my mental health anymore. It’s important to me to know that the days that are based on my mental health, are days well spent, instead of days that I am telling myself I “deserve.”

De * Serve

To do something or have or show qualities worthy of (reward or punishment). “the referee deserves a pat on the back for his bravery”

I don’t think that human beings need to deserve a day to take care of themselves. I think ” I worked x amount of days so I can take today off” is a really toxic way of thinking, but I have found that having a focus – having goals I want to accomplish, is helping my mental health. And it’s not just because I started a blog, but that’s a big part of it.

From the beginning, I told you all that this website was going to become a brand, and now that I’ve done all the building work I can shift my focus to making that happen, but I also don’t want to just suddenly stop talking about mental health because LMBG wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t been in crisis and needed to focus on my mental health.

Speaking with Rachel helped me remember that my mental health issues can go hand in hand with my goals, and that was important because our conversation showed me I am on the right path.

If you’d like to check out what’s coming or see more from me, please check my She Mixed Media Page here.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

If you have thoughts you’d like to add about this post, please leave a message, and let’s talk about them

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