Devon J Hall Is The Loud Mouth Brown Girl



I will do between 1 and 5 blog posts for your site or brand as sponsored posts. While I work on a sliding scale I will say the highest I charge is around $1500 for 5 blog posts.

Medicinal Cannabis Speaker

I will speak to my unique experience as a cannabis user, as well as to my experience working on the front lines of poverty and houselessness while living in poverty, I will not speak to government laws or regulations as that is not my expertise.

Branding Consultation

In five years LMBG has gone from being a blog to being an entire brand, I will teach future empire builders the simplest but most creative ways to get started on elevating their blogging experience.

Mental Health and Cannabis Public Speaking

A 15 minute consultation is required for all speaking engagements.

Devon can speak on:

  • Mental Health – Triggers, Trauma, Healing, and Wellness
  • Cannabis use – Personal Experience only
  • Branding and Blogging

The first logo was designed by me and for me, but made by someone else. This logo cost me to have made, and while it’s beautiful, it’s not quite “me.”

The second logo on the right as you will see looks much more like my real physical self.

The second logo incorporates what was, with what could be, was made by myself and reminds me of how far my own digital design skills have come. This logo I made this myself from the base of the first logo. Yes, it’s designed to look like the Jurassic Park logo.

How Can I Hire You?

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Invoices will be sent out once the job is accepted and MUST be paid before the job is complete.

All of my work is copywritten for me, or the publication that I am writing for.