When I first started this blog I just wanted my story out there. I wasn’t ready to help other women tell their stories because I didn’t even know how to tell mine yet. So really I was trying to build myself a lifeline so that when I figured out how to tell my story, I would have a vehicle to do so with.

I have changed why I am doing this blog now, but that’s because this isn’t about me anymore and it was never meant to be about me alone, forever and always.

I always wanted to be a part of an army of girls who decided they were tired of being alone, I always wanted to follow Jesus, but the people who claimed to know the most about him were the most abusive to me.

I still believe in Jesus, but I no longer believe I am alone. I think my spirituality will survive if I take my own needs off the table now because my needs align with girls of the world who are tired of being told who to be and there are lots of us.

All this time was building towards something really cool and interesting and I don’t know where that place is yet but I am curious to see how far I can take LMBG.

So this Hallow’s weekend I just want to say thank you for traveling with me all these years. It’s been so hard, and there have been so many tears for all of us, for a variety of reasons, and you’ve been there with me all this time. I love you for that.

I remember why I started this, and as Kevin Costner was once told, build it and blah blah.

So thanks for showing up for me, don’t let me fail you

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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