People don’t see the world that I see, so it’s easier for me to understand how Ukraine, Yemen, Iran, and Iraq are being forced to fight with bombs and guns, while America, Canada, and other places are being forced to fight with words.

We’re all at war, we just didn’t know what we were facing until now.

According to the FBI, there were 7,175 hate crime incidents in 2017. That is a 17 percent increase from 2016 and the third year in a row with an increase. About 58 percent of the hate crimes in 2017 were motivated by race/ethnicity/ancestry. –

I have been saying for years now – Arturo Dominguez has been saying for years now, that there are coordinated attacks, but the police are saying that’s not true. The problem with this lie is that we know in America, The Thin Blue Line symbol, has been overrun by white men and women, who use it to protect cops. And only cops.

Now I have friends who work for the RCMP, and the Police service, and I love them very much, but that doesn’t mean that we do not vastly disagree with the policing system in this world, and it also means we don’t argue about it.

My existence is proof that cops were involved with what happened to me, 30 years ago, and not a single person has been arrested or charged with my rape and attempted murder. Cops were involved.

And in many cases of women being abused, cops have been known to “cross the line,” which usually means raping a victim of sexual abuse, and then being charged with “having sex with,” or “interfering with a witness,” Instead of rape.

So at what point do we acknowledge that there are:

Good men and women who put on the police uniform.

And bad people who wear the uniform.

These two sentences are both true, there’s no denying that anymore, just like there is no denying that the online troll community has changed. Flame wars used to be fun, trolling used to be mostly harmless, but then of course it became a weapon, that mostly white supremacist folks who swear up and down they aren’t racist they are just “white,”, are using to destroy public communication, networking, and community building.

Kiwi Farms was a prime example of a place designed to destroy lives, and hundreds of folks worked really hard to take it down, and I’m super proud of them. I chose to stay out of it because I have my own issues that I’m dealing with, but watching these folks gather and take down a website designed to cause hurt and pain for activists and leaders in our world, was truly a moment.

Like 4-Chan, Kiwi Farms is a place designed for the worst humanity has to offer. Porn, rape, torture, and racism, it’s all there, and if you dare come on the farm and stand up for things like peace, poverty, or advocacy, you are tracked, hunted, and your address and workplace put out there for the world to see.

These websites number in the millions and they have millions more users who are willing to say anything they want on the internet, before going into the world to kill, shoot, rape or maim, as many folks as possible, and yes MeToo is to blame.

Me Too as a movement was a war cry, it was a declaration that women everywhere were tired of being used and abused – and men jumped into the fray to declare that they too were tired of being used for their bodies instead of their hearts or minds.

That war declaration meant that they were going to fight back, and we were not prepared. We have to remember the best war quote ever uttered by a fucking werewolf.

I guess it didn’t occur to you that you’ll have to bleed to pull off this coup. – Lucian

We have to bleed if we’re going to change the world, so please stop being surprised that this shit is happening, stop pretending to be surprised when bad people try to throw you off your game by saying horrible awful shit.

They are only doing what they are ordered to do by the likes of the same kind of people who own shit like Kiwi Farms.

They aren’t going to give up, they’ll find another site to gather, another place to plot and plan how to destroy the few moments of happiness that we all get, so be prepared, it’s going to be a bumpy ride before #MeToo, and #TimesUp as movements, along with #BlackLivesMatter, can claim victory.

We have a long, long way to go, so if you’re going to get rankled by EVERY single comment, you’re going to be too worn down to fight back, and that’s what they want. YES, The end of Kiwi Farms is a victory, but it was only a small battle, not the whole war.

Don’t forget, Kiwis are very delicate…the smallest bruise and the entire fruit starts to rot. We can keep going, they can’t.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall


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