From Trans kids not being allowed to play sports, to too little ten-year-old girls being “too immature for an abortion, but definitely not immature enough to give birth and raise a child,” the world is going absolutely crazy, and if you think this is only happening in America, then you should check out Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Italy, Paris, Geneva.

People all over the world are suddenly craving a return to the days when the Nazis were in charge, and what I can’t understand is why.

Is it demons? is it God’s way of having a reckoning? Is it the universe’s way of saying enough and clearing out the playing field? Or are some people just born broken?

A few days ago I said that this song in its entirety was a message TO Anonymous, NOT from Anonymous, and I wasn’t wrong.

Back in the day, Anonymous had a huge amount of songs that talked about what we were doing and why we were doing it. From fishing farms to poverty, Anonymous and Occupy took every single struggle and made the world see that there was a voice for each and every person on this planet. Whether the “Elite” liked it or not.

If you go back through the archives of Hollywood, you’ll find out that Hollywood writers, directors, producers, and even actors, have been warning us about what’s coming for decades.

You can start with The Breakfast Club:

This entire film is about a group of people who didn’t know each other, yet went to the same school, and instead of feeling punished for bad behaviour, they found a way to come together, and even though we don’t know for sure what happens when the film ends, we pretty much know, because Anonymous and Occupy existed.

Follow that up with Pump up the Volume with Christian Slater – who when I was a teenager was really nothing more than a pretty face, who happened to make one of the most important films in our history when it comes to fighting back against the collective trauma that comes from being in a society that says you aren’t good enough.

Everything about this film is about the idea that youth have the ability, and the right to speak back.

Then you have Pirate Radio, one of the greatest films in the history of time NOT ONLY because it was based on the VERY FIRST ACTUAL Pirate radio, BUT because of the fact that they took the phrase “Pirate Radio,” so seriously and pissed off every English politician on the planet, beautifully, simply by saying Fuck on the radio for the first time in the history of radio.

22 Million people tuned in every week to hear Pirate Radio which is the reason that The Who, The Beatles, and so many artists actually OWE their success to men like the ones detailed in this film. Whether they want to admit it or not. These guys were some of the first people on the PLANET to play Rock and Roll music, so you’re fucking welcome Metallica.

In Footloose we learn about a small town filled with white folk who have outlawed dancing. “Oh that can’t happen in 2022,” LADIES, GENTLEMEN AND NON-BINARY FOLKS, TRANS KIDS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY SPORTS IN HIGHSCHOOL IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I rest my case with the white folk here.

Now let’s talk about Black Hollywood and the films they were making that warned us this was coming:

Many of you, will assume that MUSIC videos from the 80s and 90s were just music videos that were all about the music. You’re fucking wrong. These were short musical films, long before Beyonce made Black Is King.

Let’s start with the first song that taught ME about gang life in Compton, which prepared me for life in Surrey BC.

This was the first 2Pac song I heard, followed up by Dear Mama and several others, that taught me that 2Pac Shakur was more than just a gangster. He was a self-proclaimed Hood Philosopher, and he wasn’t wrong. Like Biggie and DMX behind him, Pac talked about what was happening in the hood, and rather than GLORIFYING it, as the American Government accused him of, what he was saying is “this is my life, is this what you want?” And BILLIONS of folk missed the fucking message. This is why both the Crips and the Bloods, Red Scorpions, The Wolf Pack, and Angels, all of them, are at war today with cops today. Because rather than hear “Yo, STOP THIS SHIT, OR YOU’LL END UP LIKE ME,” they heard “Do this and you’ll make lots of money.”

Let’s take a look at Eastern Europe where one of my favourite bands of all time exists, Nightwish.

YOU hear a beautiful song, that talks about lost love, and corruption. I Hear a song that says “yo, Compton, Surrey, Abbottsford, Nightwish Hears You.”

As I’ve said in previous posts, there are conversations happening through music, television, film, and theatre, that people are not paying attention to. If we want to ensure that what happened in 1939 doesn’t ever happen again, then you have to actually LISTEN to the songs of the past, so that you can understand the warnings for the future.

Hollywood has responded with Spike Lee, Jordan Peele, Ava Duvernay, Mindy Kaling, and so many comic book artists I couldn’t name them all if I tried. But if you’re going to continue to say shit like “Eat The Rich,” when they are LITERALLY using their platforms to tell you WE SEE YOU, WE HEAR YOU, WE’RE WITH YOU, WE’RE JUST NOT OPENLY WITH YOU BECAUSE WE HAVE OUR OWN FUCKING LIVES, CHILDREN, AND BILLS TO PAY, then you aren’t paying attention to what the rise of the Occupy movement, and then Anonymous, really did for the world.

The Anonymous movement was wrongly accused of being a group of terrorists holding the world hostage, in reality, it was an opportunity. YOU have no idea who was behind those masks, YOU have no idea if your favourite actor was walking through WallStreet wearing one of those masks, or in Iraq or Iran, but go ahead and continue to trash talk them all on social media, call them fat, ugly, and not enough.

Focus on their breasts, instead of their work, because that will most certainly ensure that while we’re busy fighting each other because THAT girl got hired and THAT Trans, Gay, Bisexual, Jewish, Black Queer, didn’t, that the people who want us all to be fighting each other, will get exactly what they want, while we sit around wondering how we lost a war, we refuse to acknowledge is happening RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

The Civil Rights Movement did not die down, it did not go away, it did not remain silent, and if you’re not paying attention to that fact then you’re only seeing what you are being told to see. And that my friends are precisely how they get you. I leave you with one of my newest and favourite artists.

AND IF ALL YOU CAN FOCUS ON IS THAT IT’S A WHITE GUY…..Then you’re not paying attention.

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