This is the softest book publishing ever because I didn’t fully know I was going to publish it when I did. I planned to wait on it a few more weeks, but I ALSO know if I had done that, I’d never publish the fucking thing.

This is Uncomfortable II: Fundamental Foundations for Mental Health Content Creators.

This was a labour of absolute humility because in this book I talk about the ways that I’ve found that help me get this far – which may not be far to some – but is a hell of a lot further than I thought I’d get at this point.

It’s all the weird things that make me who I am, and who I am as the Loud Mouth Brown Girl, gets pretty fucking weird.

A lot of what’s in this book falls under the category of Behavioural Modification, which is a tool used by psychologists for centuries, but it’s packaged in such a way that a) it’s a lot more comfortable and b) a lot more fun.

Human beings, as far as I’ve been able to tell, are far more comfortable when they are behaving like children than when they are behaving like adults, and a lot of this book is about embracing that part of yourself that we’re conditioned as adults to forget.

This book contains some information about my spirituality, but in a way that allows you to take what I’ve placed between the pages, and mould it in a way that fits your needs, desires, and spirit.

I’ve worked much harder on this book than anything in my life, and it’s definitely what I would use if I wanted to find ways to find myself again, because in its entirety it’s about encouraging women – especially women of colour and BIPOC women, to do all the things that we are told are “silly,” “weird,” or “strange.”

It’s about embracing the majick of the universe and allowing that majick to fill your life with opportunities that you find and make for yourself, and I couldn’t be more proud to have my name on this particular healing journal.

There are lots of pages for you to draw, write, use as collages, or collect fabric samples or pictures that inspire you, and the entire book is about YOU creating YOUR life the way YOU want to.

This book takes all the weirdness of my childhood and validates the things that made me weird or uncomfortable around because I decided a long time ago I was never going to be the kind of person people thought was normal. Normal to me growing up meant alcoholism, drug addiction, abuse, and trauma.

This isn’t the kind of normal that I want those of us in the Mental Health world to cultivate, I want us. to embrace all the parts of ourselves that we hide from the world and to put them on the record for all the people who think that perfection comes in looks, instead of believing that the world can be a better place.

Lots of people keep telling me that I don’t need to explain myself, but like 2Pac and Biggie before me, this blog was never about explaining myself away or making excuses for why I am the way I am. It was always intended to be a place where I put my shit out there for the world to see, and let other people judge.

Largely because I have never cared what people think about me or who it is that I want to be, I’ve never minded being the person to put myself on the bomb to help others, but I’m not really interested in doing that anymore.

Writing this book validated so much about myself, and I know it can do the same for others, but I also know that in deciding to buy this book, you’re also deciding to find ways to GENUINELY heal from the shit, by being the most vulnerable version of yourself you have to be.

I hope that lots of people buy this book, obviously, but I know the ones that buy this book are the ones that have seen what I can do, know who I am, and believe me when I promise with everything that I have, that this book wouldn’t exist without gangsta rap and the men and women of Compton California.

Thank you for existing, so that I could learn from you. I love you with my everything.

Devon J Hall

Uncomfortable II: Fundamental Foundations for Mental Health Content Creators: Learn how to embrace yourself while also learning how to use your mental health as a foundation for a business that will absolutely change your life and the lives of all those who follow you.

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