I am fucking SICK to DEATH of all you fucking fan kids. ALL OF YOU. You SUCK You DESTROY lives, and you NEVER stop to THINK about the CONSEQUENCES of your actions BEFORE you do it.

From the creepy, disgusting, and disturbing fans, writing rape porn and incest porn about Sam and Dean, to the way that you treat new upcoming actors because you don’t like the color of their skin, you need to stop.

I remember several years sitting on a sea bus (which is like a large enclosed boat that goes from Vancouver, across the water to North Vancouver,) and I turn to my right and whose sitting there? My favorite actor of all time Christopher Robert Evans – Captain Fucking America. Do you know what I did?

NOT A GOD DAMNED THING. I didn’t say hi, I didn’t freak out, I didn’t give him unsolicited advice on his relationship or his choices of movies, I said not fucking word, you know why? Because I didn’t give a shit. He’s my favorite ACTOR, not my favorite PERSON.

And that’s the difference between adults and children.

Do you know why celebrities like coming to Vancouver? It’s because they know when they come here, they can just be themselves. I remember walking towards the art gallery in Vancouver, a famous local landmark. I happened to see Jamie Dorman walking down the street, I didn’t freak out, but a group of girls down the block did. It made me smile, it made him smile, I didn’t freak out because I know what a lot of people my age have seemingly forgotten….Celebrities fart too.

They swear, yell, they do good things they do bad things, and they are human just like you.

Most people in VANCOUVER will IGNORE Celebrities, because we SEE them ALL the time, and we have one FUNDIMENTAL agreement in place: Celebrities FART too.

In high school I knew a girl who was SO obsessed with Will Smith – yes THAT Will Smith – that at 12 she had an entire plan for how she was going to grow up, kill Jada Pinkette Smith, and marry Will Smith. She wasn’t kidding. I know this because she actually went out of her way to destroy the relationship of her best friend and her BFF’s boyfriend just so she could have the boyfriend. She deliberately watched Days of Our Lives, to see how Sammy got Austin and used some of the same techniques on the older boy. She was 12.

Y’all really need to seriously stop and think before you post. I’m not talking about cancel culture, I am talking about the fact that the cringe moments that seem innocent now, can cause a LOT of harm, to those you claim to care about.

Every Author on the PLANET DREAMS of having THEIR story turned into a PLAY or FILM. We LOVE hearing from the AUDIENCE about what they THINK but when it’s mean cruel and ABUSIVE that can be SOUL shattering.

I thought that the SuperNatural fan community was awful, and having had some conversations behind the scenes, I know that it is incredibly toxic, not to mention what I’ve witnessed on my social media profiles. I’ve actually unfollowed EVERY Supernatural fan I can find, and I refuse to talk about the show or any potential spin-offs, because I know how cruel the fans can be, and the worst part is? The show never was, never will be, and was never meant to be, for the fans.

It was a story about brothers, and they went out of their way to continue that thread throughout every single episode, and never once did they stop to say “what would the fans want?” They wrote produced and created what THEY wanted to create, as IT SHOULD BE.

Fans have always had this “I bought your product so now you have to hear everything I have to say about it,” mentality around Hollywood, and that has allowed Hollywood and the people who live there to get away with a lot of shady shit. Because in public a celebrity or star will do anything to make sure they stay on your good side, to avoid being canceled. The problem is that means that oftentimes they hide parts of themselves, THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE TO HIDE.

Do you know how many of your famous superstars hate being called “Daddy” or “Mommy” on Twitter and Instagram? It’s fucking creepy.

Do you know how many of them are behind the iron curtain of being #LGBTQ2S+ because they are terrified to be their true selves?

Robert Pattinson fell in love with a Black woman named FKA Twigs, and within days of the announcement of their relationship, she was getting death threats.

20-year-old celebrities on Tik Tok are terrified to try to date because they too have received death threats to people they care about because fans are jealous. “Who is this bitch? I’m going to kill her,” is one of the tamest things I’ve seen a teenager say about her favorite Tik Tok star.

Jealousy isn’t cute, it’s fucking dangerous. It nearly got me murdered, a few times, because girls were jealous of what they THOUGHT they were seeing and plotted crazy amounts of “revenge” that VERY nearly, had me strangled to death.

Why? Because they were jealous – not because I did anything wrong, or because I deserved it, but because they were jealous and they didn’t know how to regulate their emotions.

When I see a white girl on Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook tell their favorite celebrity they plan to “murder” the loved one of that celebrity, I fucking believe it, because y’all are NUTS.

I knew a woman once who had stalked – literally – Luke Evans and couldn’t understand why all her friends were on the forum we used at the time, though it was creepy and weird. Man was she pissed when she found out he was gay, and the number of times I had to remind her that “finding a good woman,” was not going to change the fact that he was GAY, was actually disturbing.

This celebrity worship thing we do is disturbing, creepy, and completely unhealthy and if you think they appreciate it I can promise you they really don’t. I have people I like in Hollywood who I’ve been lucky enough to listen to, and they fucking hate it, and what’s worse is that it makes the rest of us look like lunatics.

Do you think I wouldn’t love to fly out to LA, accidentally run into Beyonce and offer to take her out for coffee? Of course, I would, but I DON’T, because she’ll probably think I’m trying to kidnap her child.

People’s obsession with other people is entirely about escapism, by focusing on the apple of your eye, you don’t have to focus on your own problems.

I remember racing home from school just to get on the computer and see who I could talk to, and when I found roleplaying it was a total game-changer, it fostered my insecurities into something healthy and beautiful that taught me how much I love the act of creating stories.

I would love to have my stories in the biggest and best libraries around the world. I would love to say “hey, I’m the Black chick that made 420 billion dollars by writing a great story,” HOWEVER, you know what scares the shit out of me? It’s not a success, it’s not power or responsibility, it’s the lunatic fans who don’t have a fucking filter. You are crazy. And you need therapy.

This obsessive fan culture that we never, EVER talk about, needs unpacking. There are too many young people who weaponize their platforms in order to “destroy” someone else’s social media presence, and we encourage it because it’s good for likes and clicks.

I like that my platform is so small because it means that I can actually and easily work with my audience to ensure my messages are clear.

Do you know how EMOTIONALLY disturbed you have to be, to kill YOURSELF, because a TOTAL stranger, fell in love with someone that’s NOT YOU?

I’ve never enjoyed abusing my privilege to hurt others, and the worst part is that I’ve had to say goodbye to a lot of good people who did exactly that. People I loved, who couldn’t understand why everyone was walking away from them, because they couldn’t stand the toxicity anymore.

There was – not just one – but an ENTIRE COMMUNITY of people who laughed and made fun of the fact that Zack Snyder’s daughter ended her life. They harassed him for MONTHS because they didn’t like the way that he directed a fucking superhero movie.

I don’t know what Zack Snyder looks like, much less whether or not he’s a good or bad person, but what I do know is that no parent deserves to wake up to messages like that, for any reason.

The toxicity of fan clubs is absolutely terrifying, and the only way it’s going to change is if ALL of you stop and THINK before you post.

Just my two thoughts.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

2 thoughts on “Toxic Fandoms Need To Go…Now, Because Y’all Are Psychotic

  1. Truth. I’m deeply disturbed by some of the things I’ve seen in fandom, like people shipping child characters with adult characters, sometimes incestuously, and making like it’s something cute and something the child even wants. And don’t get me started on real people fiction. Some folks need to get themselves into therapy, like, now.


    1. You are not wrong my friend. This act of projection that we put on others is really disturbing, and then when we call people out on this toxic and scary behavior we’re the bad guys.


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