How many superstars and celebrities do you know that have committed suicide? How many do you know who have died from drug overdoses? How many women, men, and non-binary people have had to spread their legs or had their legs spread against their will, in order to reach the place called “Stardom”?

There is no harder or more seditious place to live, than Hollywood, which is why so many of the “healthier” Hollywood friends and family members, choose NOT to live in that place. In that place where everything is pretty, shiny, and beautiful on the outside, but toxic and deadly on the outside.

Jim Carey says there was no reason for Will Smith to go after Chris Rock, but here’s the thing that I want you on the outside, you who look to the lights and glimmer and glamour to understand before you decide to go there.

Black Women Deserve To Be Protected

Will Smith make that message very clear on the Oscar stage, was it appropriate? Hell no, do I understand, respect and even like the fact that he did it? Fuck yes. First off it’s given us something to talk about but honestly, it’s also opened the door to the racism, yes racism that Black people face every day.

I said everything that I had to say about the actual slap yesterday on Medium, but I’m still angry, I am angry because Jada Pinkette Smith is always the butt of the joke. If it’s not her hair, it’s her parenting, her show, her life as a wife and a partner, her medical condition, her behavior. Nothing about this woman is left alone when it comes to the public.

“But Devon they choose to be famous,” no motherfuckers, WE make them famous, we talk about them every single day and we give them this belief that they can do whatever they want and get away with it, and then what happens? They get away with it.

Harvey Weinstein attacked more than thirteen women, and those are only the ones we know about and got away with it for years. Roman Polanksi raped a thirteen-year-old girl, Bill Cosby got away with rape for years and then was charged, jailed, and almost immediately had the charges overturned.

We as a society have allowed Hollywood to become the toxic monstrosity that it’s become, and now every single one of us has the right to comment on what we created, but we’re not actually seeing the real problem.

You, Jim Carey, have had a spiritual awakening and I’m really happy for you, you see the world in a much different light than I do, however. I was a victim, and I survived because there wasn’t another choice for me, a lot of what I survived came at the hands of the very same kinds of people you work with every single day, but it’s Will you choose to comment on?

You didn’t say shit about Mel Gibson continually spreading hatred around the world with his super Christian super evil rhetoric, you didn’t say shit about Bill Cosby, or Harvey Weinstein but now you feel the need to comment? Because you’re a comic and your friend was attacked, and for no other reason.

Will and Jada have had enough and frankly so has every Black person on earth. We are damned tired of being made fun of – from our hair to our weight, our breasts, everything about us has been stolen. Our land, our music, our culture have all been ripped away from us.

If we do succeed like Ketanji Brown Jackson, Michelle Obama, Oprah, Beyonce, or Kamala Harris, we’re still held to a higher standard than any other person on the planet because we’re Black and for no other reason. Our behavior is to be exceptional at all times no matter what is said or done to us and when we’re killed by cops we’re the violent ones because we share our rage and our pain by rallying in the streets.

If Black Women Want Respect, We’re Going To Have To Fight For It…And Our Men Too

We are tired.

That slap is the end result of 30 years of Hollywood making Will and Jada into a joke while other Black couples get a pass because they behave better or do as they are told, and we’re tired of it, so you bet your ass that Black people around the world – women specifically – rewound that tape, and watched it a lot so they could laugh. Do you know why? Do you want to know why SO many Black women are defending Will?

Black Women Never See Themselves Being Defended and We Needed To

Raise your hand if you’re a Black girl or woman and someone has stood up for you, now keep your hand raised if that’s happened more than three times in your life. I’m thirty-nine and it’s happened once.

The reason that Jada didn’t say anything, or get up and slap him herself, (and she should have), is because she knew what ALL Black women know. If she had said something, she’d be crazy, over the top, she’d be the Angry Black Bitch and why can’t she just take a joke?

Black Women are constantly judged, harassed, and abused, and when it’s done in public especially we’re supposed to laugh it off, when it happens privately, we’re supposed to not say anything because that’s either private business or clearly we were wrong about how WE interpreted the violence that we’ve been shown.

To this day every man and boy who ever abused me has gotten away with it because no one wants to believe that I survived everything I did to get here. Bitch, LISTEN TO US. ARE YOU LISTENING NOW? DO YOU HEAR US NOW?

You tell us you don’t want us to educate us for free but you refuse to buy our books because “Amazon is evil,” meanwhile you’re chewing on that extra special gum that you can ONLY get from Amazon. It’s not Black people that need to behave better, it’s white people that really need to start paying attention to how much they contribute to Black folk never being allowed to say “Enough is enough,” until it’s too late.

Will, I fucking love you. Thank you for defending your wife, you did nothing wrong and I get it. Jim, sit down and shut up.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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