By law I am required to tell you that this post is sponsored by www.SexDolls.Com a website devoted to creating adult pleasure toys. Please read with caution. This post is in designed for people 18+ only


Imagine my surprise when I opened up the official Loud Mouth Brown Girl email platform, to discover an email from Alex at asking me to write a post about sex dolls. What on earth made him think I would do such a thing? I am a good Catholic woman who is also a practicing hedonistic witch who believes in self-pleasure, sex toys, and the absolute adoration of the human form in all its beautiful presentations. But I’ve never talked about sex on this website before.

There are some things that I thought I would never want in my house, like robots, and sex dolls, but the look of horror on my mother’s face when I told her about Alex’s offer to pay me to write about the topic, cinched my decision. That and the fact that Mrs. Miraim Maisel worked in a strip club on her way up, so who am I to feel ashamed that I used to work in an adult store, but the truth is I’ve worked two.

In those stores, I met men who were too afraid to reach out and find a woman, and so they came in just to talk to me, and to buy underwear and magazines. We talked about sports, we talked about music, and we talked about sex, and that was when I felt the freest I’ve ever been.

In those stores, I met a seventy-nine-year-old man who had spent his entire life hiding his true self from the world but came to visit me because he enjoyed being in the store, and he felt safe talking about what he really enjoyed, which was actually fairly normal. He was a gay man, who fell in love with a trans woman, but he’d never told his family. Seventy-nine years he stayed silent, and not a day goes by that I don’t wonder how he is.


If SexDolls.Com had existed back then, maybe he would have been able to have a taste of the pleasure he so badly wanted but denied himself for seventy-nine years.

I met a woman who was too sick to engage in sexual pleasure with her boyfriend, and so she bought him a fleshlight so she could tell him she loved him, it was to this day, one of the sweetest gestures I’d ever seen a woman do for a man.

Here she was, connected to wires, her hair all wrapped up, buying her man a sex toy because she was concerned about their lack of intimacy, another woman, a sex worker who spent $1500 because it was my first day and she wanted to “welcome me into the fold of sex work.”

I met gay pornstars, account executives, BDSM experts, and brand new players to the craft. I met so many wonderful people.

I met men and women who made me feel comfortable about the things that I like, instead of ashamed and filled with anxiety. Working in the adult stores gave me confidence in the bedroom and even though my own memories killed my sex drive, I’m more comfortable today than I would have been otherwise.

I’ve wanted to write about sex on this site for a while, but it never seemed like the right time, so Alex’s offer was the push I needed for us to really have a conversation about sex after abuse and trauma. I don’t know if I’d ever buy a sex doll to actually have sex with, but given my own personal experience with sex and abuse, I understand why someone would prefer a doll to another human being.

Talking about sex is difficult for me because of my sexual experience because so many of them were bad, and being that they were so awful, it makes total sense for someone like me to even consider buying one, so when the offer came around, I had to look at the site to see what I was getting into and what I found was pretty damned cool.

First off they have hundreds of thousands of different options of dolls. From male to female and everything in between, you can customize your doll to your perfect fantasy person.

You could even create your twin if that’s what you wanted, just to see what you look like in doll form. You can customize everything from the head down and everything in between. Age, size, weight, all customizable.

Now there is some maintenance with your doll should you choose to use it on a regular basis. This will make sure you get to use your doll for as long as possible. I know it sounds strange for someone like me who never talks about sex at all, to write about sex dolls, but given what some people go through when it comes to being abused and or isolated, honestly, sex dolls are just very large sex toys, and I think it’s time we get past the stigma and shame that comes with them.

I will say there are not as many options for the male dolls as there are for the female dolls and they all look a bit young for my liking, but I suspect with the growth of SexDolls.Com that will change in the coming years.


If sexual pleasure truly is an act of divinity then who are we to tell people who or what they are allowed to access in order to have the sexual pleasure they desire?

I’ve never understood, even as a child, this idea that anyone has the right to comment on what another person needs or wants to be happy, so if the person living down the street wants to buy a sex doll, who the hell am I to judge?

The only time that you should judge another person is when their behavior is directly affecting that of someone else in a harmful way, and since sex dolls don’t hurt anyone, I’m all for them. I have to tell you I’m kind of excited for the day that I can have a sex doll that can hold an entire conversation with me through his own voice so that I can enjoy the art of turning it off. The ability to turn a man off and on at a flip of a switch alone is worth 10k to me.

I used to be afraid of the idea of robots coming to life, but could that be the next evolutionary step? Could we one day transplant an entire person’s consciousness into the body of an anatomically correct humanoid doll?

Only time will tell, until then there are websites like that will help you discover your hidden fantasy and turn that fantasy into a doll-shaped reality. Sex dolls remove the need to be ashamed, no one needs to know what you do or don’t do with your doll, because that’s between you and your doll.

No one needs to even know you own one, because of their shipping practices and the way they pack the doll it’s a completely anonymous transaction that won’t show up on your credit card and won’t give your neighbors a clue as to what you are ordering. If you have a doll I’d love to know how you feel about it, so feel free to leave a comment, and if you have a different opinion feel free to share that too.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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