Well, it’s happened, the world is going to war. No matter what Biden says, Putin is not going to stop until someone makes him stop, and that’s the problem with dictators. Lindsey McKeon was the one that told me that one day I’d have to pick a side and as per usual the white girl was right.

It’s tough when you’re dealing with your own mental health issues to put your shit aside and think about others, but it’s even more difficult not to think about the people of Ukraine and the people of Russia who are being forced into a war they clearly don’t want.

But I can’t help but notice the entire world’s hypocrisy. Recently I did another thread on Gal Gadot and I thought about all the reasons she’s not speaking out. Her family and friends in Israel for instance, and yet the entire world doesn’t have that excuse but everyone is feeling free to talk about the Ukraine Russia war.

When Palestine is under near-constant attack people remain silent on purpose, but when it’s Ukraine every single person I know suddenly has the need to comment, to take Putin and Russian assets to the task. Where is the same level of love and respect for Palestine?

I am tired of this social media hypocritical behavior of everyone piling on the same topic because it’s popular, instead of focusing on the greatest possible ways our powers could be used to help those in the most need.

When we’re talking about using our social media ethically and responsibly, no greater test is going to come than is the one we face now with Ukraine, Russia, and the book banning trans-hating white supremacists of Texas.

Right now we as a human society have never been more evolved, and more prepared to do the most harm or the best than we are now. Each of us has a platform, whether you have five hundred followers, or fifty million, and each of those platforms comes with responsibilities that only you can choose to ignore or listen to.

Giving Putin a poem about how you’d have been a better mother than that which he had, probably not the best use of your platform, sharing information and helping people on the ground in Ukraine stay in contact with their loved ones, checking to make sure the information you’re spreading is real, honest and true.

You can decide that you, are going to use your platform ethically and responsibly or you can do as I predict many will do, use your platform to make a name for yourself during this global crisis, so that when the dust settles you can say you did something, like so many activists who came before and fell because of the limelight.

I can’t be on the ground handing out books. I can’t be there to bandage wounds and give shelter to those who need to hide from the bombs, but I can choose to do the best possible ways to use my platform going forward.

This website started out as a way for me to track my mental health, for me to find ways to heal that went against the ordinary grain of how we’re told to heal from mental health issues, but I know in my gut that it has the power to be so much more.

If that’s ever to be true, then it’s important that this break I am taking really matter, and that I take the time to think critically about what I post from now on. I don’t want to be one of those writers who burns out, I want to be the kind of writer whose work lasts through space and time.

In order for that to happen things are going to change around here. I am going to write about politics, I am going to write about geo-global economics, I am going to make a concentrated effort to alter the way that I am perceived on this website because it’s time to grow and evolve. It’s time to use Loud Mouth Brown Girl for her entire purpose.

I will no longer associate with people who post or share false or misleading information. I will not condone our government leaders being called terrorists because of the color of their skin. I won’t tolerate white conservatives telling me they know what’s best for children I don’t even have yet.

I won’t tolerate good cops behind stuck behind bad shadows and bad faith actors. I am tired, but I’m still able to write, and as long as I can do that, I think I’m going to be okay.

If you would like to help the trans kids of Texas please do. I’ll be posting some information on how to help kids in Texas and people in Ukraine as I come across it through my Twitter profile @LoudMthBrownGrl.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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