The first time I saw this tweet by Ahmed Ali I laughed for about ten minutes. It’s hilarious because it’s so fucking true. I do not want to make lemonade anymore. Beyonce did that, beautifully, I don’t want to try and create something that will forever be synonymous with “Lemonade” because Beyonce DID IT!

I want to create something new, and every single kind of lemonade that you can imagine has already been made. I would like to make Cannabis Creme Brulet, which sounds about like the most delicious thing I can imagine if I’m being honest.

I need to know that what I am doing isn’t going to be judged by what others are doing, and that’s why I am constantly trying to do something new with the site. Constantly searching for something to fill my time so I don’t focus on what happened to me, while simultaneously trying to be great, so I can say I did great.

The world is falling apart. They found a board game in a dungeon somewhere, so that pretty much settles it, we’re all going to die.

This is proof. My neighborhood is covered in so much fog I can barely see across the street, and I’m pretty sure the serial killers are out in full fashion right now, and this is what Doom Scrolling looks like, and I sound paranoid as fuck don’t I?

So why am I putting myself through this? To show you what the fuck you sound like when you doomscroll.

This doom scrolling thing is contributing to real people putting their lives on the line because they are so focused on the negative press, and the easy-to-swallow lies, that they aren’t thinking for themselves.

I can’t tell you what to believe, I really can’t do it in a way that you’re suddenly going to change your mind, but what I am going to ask you to do, is to think about whether being clued into all the horrible things in the world are great for your mental health.

When we focus too much on the news, or too much on reality television, or too much on even blogs, we can actually force our brains into depression, because our serotonin levels dip when we start focusing on too much “reality.”

There are so many bad things happening around the world right now, so many awful and horrible things, but I am dying, literally, my soul is dying, for some good news.

I’m putting a call out for Love Letters, and I’m asking all my friends, family and readers, to leave a letter in the comments section, or to use the form at the bottom of this page.

I’m wanting to share these letters, with your permission, because for the month of February I want to focus on creating a safe and happy space for people to share their stories.

Tell me how you met the love of your life. Tell me how you found your path in life. Did you accomplish that dream you spent ten years working on? Are you finally free of whatever has been holding you back? I want to know all the things, and I want to create the #LoveLetterChallenge to inspire you to share these stories.

On your blogs, on your social media, for the month of February, if every person who follows me writes a love letter, maybe we can turn some people’s frowns into smiles, and their fears into hope. I think the world needs a little bit of that this year.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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